6 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters – Full

  1. So what?

    The movie’s not worth watching unless we get to see her brains ooze out of her eye sockets, and I didn’t see that in the previews.

    1. Damn! You mean no blood and gore? And I thought this was a Hillary Clinton movie.

      If we can’t see the Grand Dame Mother of Darkness using witchcraft while Dorothy pours water on her face, then it’s not a REAL movie. lol

  2. Shillery is a George Soros supporter & a believer in the 29 Protocols of the Evilists in control of the Federal Reserve/European Central Bank; etc….She is a monstrous treasonist as is her Slick Willie…….Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  3. And “pull-eeze”, I am not of that “sort” that would want to see Hillary exposed!! It’s not Halloween yet!

    1. Seriously though, I really think Hillary “the Wicked Witch of the West” would melt (especially on Halloween) if you threw water on her face. Someone should try it. Give a bucket of water to your kids and if they see her, have them throw it at her. See if steam rises from her head as she shrinks back into the ground.

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