Hillary’s Pneumonia IS Contagious, Her Own Campaign Said So

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

According to Hillary Clinton’s own campaign, the form of pneumonia she has is contagious.

People Magazine reported this morning:  

The illness that sickened Hillary Clinton with pneumonia and caused her to have to be escorted away from September 11 ceremonies in New York on Sunday also struck down several members of her campaign team at Clinton headquarters in Brooklyn, PEOPLE has learned.

“Everyone’s been sick,” a campaign source tells PEOPLE.

At the end of August, two weeks before Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia, a debilitating bug was making the rounds among staff at her headquarters and campaign aides who travel with Clinton, a source tells PEOPLE.

At least half a dozen senior staff were felled, including campaign manager Robby Mook. Two top advisers even needed emergency medical treatment, the source says. One top adviser diagnosed at a Brooklyn urgent-care center with a respiratory infection was being treated with antibiotics in the days before Clinton’s diagnosis. Another top adviser was taken by ambulance to the ER by ambulance after collapsing from what turned out to be severe dehydration, the source said.

The goal of this report was obviously to downplay Hillary’s highly disturbing collapse, whereby she clearly lost total control of her body as evidenced by her foot being dragged, nonetheless the implication is entirely clear, the pneumonia she has is contagious.

Obviously, her campaign is stuck in the middle of a gigantic lie.

First, they claimed she was fine and her health problems were a “conspiracy theory.”

Then, after her massive coughing fit last week, they blamed “pollen” and “allergies.”

After her collapse on September 11th, they initially went silent trying to ignore anything happened, then after an anonymous law enforcement source told FOX News she collapsedand their report went viral, they said she “felt overheated.”

After highly disturbing video surfaced of her collapsing, they said she came down with “pneumonia” on Friday and was “overheated and dehydrated” on Sunday.

In order to downplay that report, they told People Magazine her whole staff had come down with pneumonia.

Now, everyone is pointing out she took part in what many are saying was a staged photo-op with a small child and even played with her grandchildren at Chelsea’s place after her fall.

As Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told MSNBC: “She was up running around at her daughter’s apartment chasing her grandkids around and within 90 minutes, people saw her out on the sidewalk.”

We’re dealing with lie, upon lie, upon lie, upon lie, upon lie.

If we take what her campaign has said on its face, she has contagious pneumonia and carelessly acted to potentially infect a small child, her own grandchildren, and everyone she came in contact with at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony, not to mention Barbra Streisand and everyone she came in contact with at her fundraiser on Friday.

Information Liberation

4 thoughts on “Hillary’s Pneumonia IS Contagious, Her Own Campaign Said So

  1. “Everyone’s been sick,” a campaign source tells PEOPLE.”


    Oh, wait just a minute… were you referring to the physical kind?

  2. “Typhoid Hillary” here, would you like some flem coughed in your face. Only God knows what that creature has had in her mouth. Clinton campaign staffers “dropping like flies.” You can’t get that close to shit without gettin’ some on ya!

  3. If…and that’s a big if…she has pneumonia, it’s most likely an aspiration pneumonia from saliva/food/water/cough syrup being aspirated into her lungs.
    The frequent coughing bouts are evidence she has poor control of neck/swallowing/throat/vocal cord muscles. Hence, the bobble headed appearance yesterday.
    This is consistent with Parkinson’s disease and other severe neurological diseases/syndromes.
    Interestingly, aspiration pneumonitis is not contagious and is one of the primary causes of death in Parkinson’s disease.
    In fairness, this could have been triggered by a contagious viral pneumonia, possibly aggravated by aspiration, that progressed to a more severe bacterial pneumonia.
    But, with HRC, I really don’t feel like being fair to that lying psychopath.
    Like I said yesterday.
    Karma. Bitch.

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