Homeland Security Agent Catch

Florida PedChaser

Feb 4, 2022This man messaged What he thought was a 15-year-old boy looking to have anal sex with him and to have the boy have anal sex on him as well. He had me go to different addresses for about 3 1/2 hours until he finally gave me the right address. When I approached his house there were four police cars in the driveway. When he messaged me he told me he was a pilot, come to find out he worked with the bomb squad division in @Homeland Security. This guy is absolutely disturbing.

4 thoughts on “Homeland Security Agent Catch

  1. I couldn’t even watch it all.
    I just know he would be tied to my bumper about ten feet out and just drive fast enough so that he can run until he can’t anymore.

    1. Yeah, and the pedo-catcher, too, ’cause he favors “law enforcement,” gives them a pass. And we just witnessed him deliver a big “letting off the hook.”


      1. Exactly Galen. When we have our law back, people won’t dare do this to kids or give them a break. You give a pedo a break your complicate in the crime on the child. Same punishment as the pedo. A ROPE! Blood Eagles if your good enough with a blade! 🙂

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