Homeland Security Chief Warns of ‘New Phase’ of Terrorist Threats in the United States

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Jeh Johnson, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, was in San Francisco on Tuesday and, during a question and answer period at the Commonwealth Club, warned of a “new phase” of terrorist threats in the United States.

He said that the new terrorist threats will be home grown and inspired by news on the internet.  

I am not making this up:

This “new threat” will certainly come to careful followers of the news as a surprise, and of even greater surprise to those involved in protecting against terrorist attacks. Nearly a decade ago, a top Las Vegas hotel security chief said almost word for word what Johnson just classified as a “new threat.”

Here’s a little history on Johnson.When he was general counsel of the Defense Department, Johnson co-chaired the working group that studied the potential impact of a repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and reported that the risk to overall military effectiveness of a repeal would be low.

He was also a partner at the New York law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP,to which he returned after his four years at the Defense Department

Johnson was nominated by President Obama to be the fourth U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security in October 2013, and was subsequently confirmed on December 16, 2013.

While at the Commonwealth Club, Johnson also mentioned that the Homeland Security budget is $60 billion and that the department has 240,000 employees.

He said that the TSA, under the DHS umbrella. screens 1.8 million people each day and he said the recently created faster clearance that was designed to include a shorter line is “rapidly becoming the longer line.”

He said that if the new cyber-security legislation passes Congress, it will “greatly enhance my authority.”

He also said that the DHS is now “working closer with local police authorities,”  in an attempt to identify terrorists.

He said that half of the 11 million undocumented in the country have been here more than 10 years and that from a law enforcement point of view he wants “to see them come out of the shadows.”

He also noted that the DHS opened a recruitment office in April in Silicon Valley to recruit cyber security employees. He said it would be a great experience for cyber expertss to work for the government to see how it works “and then go work for Citibank.”



4 thoughts on “Homeland Security Chief Warns of ‘New Phase’ of Terrorist Threats in the United States

  1. When Jeh Johnson (that paragon of virtue) speaks, everyone should listen. Citizens reading items on the internet, are the “new threat”. The only reason I can see, as to why we need a new threat, is to divert attention from the 100,000 muslims coming into the country shortly. Can’t have a bunch of government attention and surveillance on the “religion of peace”. Typical talk from another government Drama Queen.

  2. So basically he’s saying anyone who questions the MSM or government by using the Internet as proof or evidence to defend their argument, is defending the terrorists and is a potential terrorist in their eyes. Typical Commie rhetoric. Speaking the truth is now evil. So I guess we on FTT are all “potential terrorists” in their eyes now.

    F**k’em! Hang every last one of these bastards for high treason!

  3. If Jade Helm was a counter-intelligence operation to research the alternative media on the Internet and learn about their ways, then this is definitely one of the outcomes of their operation, especially after that obvious fake, on-air news reporter shooting that happened a couple of weeks ago and how everyone exposed the staged incident. That might have been part of their operation. An easy staged operation for us to debunk so they can study our ways and how we operate. So now they are marching on by saying that the Internet and alternative media people who don’t go along with MSM narrative are supporting terrorists and can be “potential terrorists”. Not that they haven’t been doing that already, but now they have reason and more data to defend their argument and make it official and try to enforce it in their propaganda.

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