Hong Kong is making COVID-19 patients wear a tracking bracelet so they can’t leave the house

Insider – by Sinéad Baker

Hong Kong is making all COVID-19 patients who are under home quarantine wear a tracking bracelet to make sure they do not leave the house.

The city’s health secretary, Lo Chung-mau, told a Monday press conference that the patients will have to wear the bracelet from Friday, July 15.

Some people who test positive for COVID-19 in the city can quarantine at home, though the city also has quarantine facilities.

Hong Kong used electronic bracelets to track people earlier the pandemic.

In 2020, new arrivals had to wear tracking wristbands and quarantine for 14 days. Those were wristbands with a QR code, which people were supposed to use to check in with an app on their phones. Some people were later given wristbands that were able to track their movements.

It is not clear what kind of bracelet patients will now be given.

Hong Kong, like mainland China, has had a strict, “zero-COVID” strategy since early in the pandemic. The city’s measures have included quarantine camps for travelers and long hotel quarantines for all new arrivals, including pilots and flight crew.

Lo, who assumed his role as health secretary on July 1, has previously defended the zero-COVID strategy.

The city’s COVID-19 cases have rapidly risen in recent weeks, with more than 2,000 cases reported every day in the past week, the city’s Ming Pao newspaper reported.


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong is making COVID-19 patients wear a tracking bracelet so they can’t leave the house

  1. this whole psy-op covid shit ,.. from what i have seen in my public exposure to the idiots of our time have had me come to this conclusion .
    Most Everyone thinks they would be Oscar Schindler if they lived in Nazi Germany ..and Covid has shown to me, that most people would be supporting the Nazis. …
    Our time is near

  2. Are there any eyes that cannot see the slavery here, and the humiliation — just like prisoners in their chains. Of all the rogue states, I’d like to see China fall first. The Head of the Snake can go second. Is there actually any state that is not rogue? I think not.


    1. I’m actually with you on that galen. China is definitely the model of absolute tyranny. Even though the people (if you can call them that) there are largely the offspring of the dumb f*cks that murdered their elders under Mao, there are still large enough numbers there to rip their filthy scum tyrants to shreds if their will is strong enough. It sure would be a decent start to a world cleanup of the global parasites that absolutely HAS to take place, and WILL eventually.

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