Hostile Bureaucratic Armies

Christian Mercenary – by T.L. Davis

For most of the patriot/liberty community the Constitution is really of no importance any longer. The federal government has tossed that document over long ago. To whatever degree they bandy about the Constitution, it is always in context of violating its meaning by re-defining the words to arrive at a position where the Constitution permits the violation of rights guaranteed within the Constitution. If that sounds contradictory and vague, it is intended to be. That is the purpose of the federal government at this stage in our devolution to traditional dictatorship/monarchy/oligarchy rule of a once free nation.  

The Constitution, like individual rights, is as relevant as the people demand. For a hundred years the people have asked nothing of the Constitution. To them, it seemed to be working as advertised. It is only within the past forty years or so that the federal government has come to exert its power over the states and the people to a degree that the people find intolerable. The “spotted owl” decimated the Northwest production of lumber and paper. The land grab continues with bureaucrats at the head of large federal militias in the form of BLM and National Park Service agents. This is a standing army amongst us, dedicated to the destruction of private property and confiscation of large swaths of state land. 

The struggle for liberty is against these forces. The militias of citizens and the militias of bureaucrats are now facing off against one another. This is not law enforcement versus citizen. If this struggle is properly understood by the states, it is a struggle for the land itself which makes up the greater part of the states. Since, constitutionally it is only with the consent of the state that the federal government might erect and establish “needful buildings” the state has every right to prevent the bureaucratic militias access to any of the land itself and force them back into their buildings, or vote to rescind permission to own anything at all within the boundaries of the state.

I suggest that these states: Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, New Mexico and Arizona, or any of them individually recognize that the bureaucractic militias have become abusive to their hosts, hostile to their citizens and illegally promoting conflict and a breach of peace within these states specifically. 

If the states will not represent their people in this action, it might well be left to the people themselves to arrange for their defense from federally sponsored conflict in these states. While these states have endured federal ownership in the past recent violations of the Constitution have proven that they are no longer acceptable residents and must be held accountable to the states that hold the ultimate lease upon these lands: occupation.

Either way, it is clear now that the bureaucracies are dangerous to liberty and are acting as military units within the states with hostile intent toward the state’s citizens and their rights.

6 thoughts on “Hostile Bureaucratic Armies

  1. Hostile bureaucratic armies are nothing when compared to a hostile armed citizenry.

    You can give bureaucrats all the guns and ammo you can muster, but they’re still only bureaucrats, so you may as well give them all new staplers or paperweights.

    All the weapons in the world don’t give someone the reason or the will to fight, and all of the “hostile bureaucratic armies” will be handing in hostile resignations long before they expose themselves to any real danger.

    And I believe we’ve already seen a fine example of this at the Bundy ranch. The BLM goons were acting like a bunch of tough-guys until about 2 seconds after seeing that a real fight might occur, at which point in time they realized that acting tough was a lot easier than actually fighting.

    1. And we seen the exact same thing happen in New Orleans after Katrina. Half the police force ran away simply because it wasn’t “business as usual”. They weren’t even being attacked.

      It doesn’t matter how many guns or bullets the government buys, or how many idiots they hire to man those guns. They simply have no reason to fight, and absolutely none of them are going to die for their lousy job.

      Most of the gov’t employees are on our side, but are only doing what they must to keep food on the table and pay the bills. When things get ugly, you’re going to see most of your opposition vanish, from government agencies AND the military, but right now there are bills to pay and babies to feed.

      1. Yes, the goons feel real tough when they are in the ‘gang mentality’, trained to take on a family like Ruby Ridge, but when it gets real, they will be looking for softer targets real quick. Thats why they need their robot army, just a few drone operators in a room wth a ‘commander’ with a sidearm to make sure they ‘press the button’ on their fellow americans.

  2. “For a hundred years the people have asked nothing of the Constitution.”

    I disagree. It has come down to the people has ignored what the US Constitution asks of them. I believe that what has happened is that the people LET the federal government lie to them – presented as the truth – about what the “Militia” actually is, and what their powers are; that “We the people…” who are the ones charged with the duty to ENFORCE them are not the Militia anymore – a lie. That governmental law enforcement agencies, and certain military organizations are the ones that were put into place to “keep us safe” – another lie.

    The influx of people from nations that have long been under a dictatorship of some kind – a lot of who do not even the words for “independence”, “self-governing”, “constitutions” in their modern day language so stay out of the way of governments in the hope that they will not be noticed so be allowed to live out their lives. This is why our borders are open, why ILLEGAL immigrants are being given “citizenship” by executive order – a CRIME on the part of those within the executive branch, and the other two branches since they did NOT bother to stop it.

    I greatly agree with; ” it might well be left to the people themselves to arrange for their defense from federally sponsored conflict in these states.” It most certainly is up to us, legally at that. And with “While these states have endured federal ownership in the past recent violations of the Constitution have proven that they are no longer acceptable residents and must be held accountable to the states that hold the ultimate lease upon these lands: occupation.

    Either way, it is clear now that the bureaucracies are dangerous to liberty and are acting as military units within the states with hostile intent toward the state’s citizens and their rights.”

    It is up to us, the Militia of the several states to start enforcing the US Constitution and all state Constitutions. (Do not believe the ones on line as someone has changed the wording from what they were illegally. When they say something along the lines of “But the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States; and no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith or perform any act tending to impair[,] subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the government of the United States. The Constitution of the United States confers full power on the Federal Government to maintain and Perpetuate its existence, and whensoever any portion of the States, or people thereof attempt to secede from the Federal Union, or forcibly resist the Execution of its laws, the Federal Government may, by warrant of the Constitution, employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority” know it for the deceitful change that it is – think of the common core and you will have the correct idea.)

    The supreme law of our land is the US Constitution AND ALL THAT IS “IN PURSUANCE THEREOF IT” NOT the federal government which was created to ONLY carry out the duties assigned to each branch.

    The Militia are the constitutionally assigned law enforcement – no other. (RE: Vieira, US Constitution, framers, Cal, writings and actions of the time.)

  3. Agreed, the states have to nut up and say no, So where is the limp-wristed governer on this? All the focus has been on the Bolshevik Reid, but it should be the Gov. and the County Sheriff who needs to grow a pair instead of sitting in an air-conditioned office.Time to clean house across the board!

    1. Agreed, Buck – however, Jolly Roger’s first post at the last paragraph; covers it – most have a tendency to fold when it really starts to look like they might have a problem against even (or better) odds – that would include those (softies) “within the ‘bureaucratic’ system” that have a job [to do]: like the Governor, and the Sheriff, etc.

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