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Hotel Guest Next Door To Las Vegas Shooter Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’

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An Australian man who was staying in the room next to the shooter in the Mandalay Bay has confirmed he witnessed multiple gunmen involved in the Las Vegas attack.

There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us. I got outside safely and was hiding in bushes,” Brian Hodge told Australia’s Courier-Mail.  

Mr. Hodge, who was staying in room 32134, next door to Stephen Paddock in room 32135, also provided important information when he revealed that a security guard was killed by police.

My floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor.

Who was the “security guard” who was killed by police?

Wendy Miller from Cooroy, on the Sunshine Coast – another Australian caught up in the Las Vegas shooting – may have provided a missing piece of the puzzle. Also speaking to the Courier-Mail, Ms Miller said she was at a bar in the nearby Luxor Hotel with her husband when she saw what she described as a “man of interest” run by.

Ms Miller said the man sprinted through her hotel after coming off an escalator from the Mandalay Bay.

The man that they [security] were chasing was wearing a security jacket like them,” she said.

Mr Hodge’s eyewitness report of multiple gunmen and a dead security guard, and with Ms Miller’s report of a security guard being chased by authorities, suggest that the mainstream media narrative of the “lone wolf” gunman is not the truth.

The fact is that this was an orchestrated, co-ordinated attack by multiple conspirators, and the mainstream media are attempting to cover it up.

Video footage confirms multiple shooters

Two explosive videos provided to Your News Wire have also confirmed there were multiple shooters involved in a co-ordinated attack, and the mainstream media of a “lone wolf” gunman operating without a motive is a lie.

Both videos show gunfire originating from the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, much lower than the 32nd floor, where the mainstream media is claiming Stephen Paddock, a “lone wolf”, fired on the crowd using an automatic weapon.

The mainstream media narrative regarding Paddock’s motives have also been debunked by FBI sources who reportedly claimed the shooter has links to Antifa as well as ISIS. But mainstream media is actively covering up the information, claiming Paddock had “no political or religious affiliations or interests.”

The fact is the Las Vegas shooting was clearly a co-ordinated false flag attack, orchestrated by Paddock as well as at least one other as yet unidentified gunman operating from the fourth floor of the hotel. The mass shooting and scores of dead will be used by the elite to further push their nefarious agenda.

Anybody who looks into the information available to them on the internet will arrive at the same conclusion. Unfortunately anybody who relies on mainstream media for their information will be force-fed a very different conclusion.

The questions must be asked: why is the mainstream media covering for a mass murderer? Why are they attempting to rewrite his past and erase his political affiliations?

The answers are simple. The corporate media, controlled by a small, elite oligarchy, is operating on behalf of the New World Order, attempting to mislead the public into believing their enemies are their friends, and their friends are their enemies.

It doesn’t suit the mainstream media’s agenda to have an Antifa member responsible for the worst mass shooting in American history. They are actively engaged in covering up this fact up so they can continue pushing the New World Order’s sick and twisted agenda.

Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter, was an Antifa member who carried out the worst mass shooting in American history in order to create further division in American society, push the country towards civil war, and further the agenda of the elites.

Official Antifa facebook page, Antifa Melbourne, congratulated Stephen Paddock after the bloodiest mass shooting in America’s history, before deleting the post after a torrent of criticism.

There is an active campaign to sow division and create chaos in the United States. Organized groups are working on behalf of global organizations with the most nefarious of goals. We need to wake up and stop believing everything fed to us by the mainstream media. They have proven themselves completely unreliable.

We need to stop hiding from the truth.

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36 Responses to Hotel Guest Next Door To Las Vegas Shooter Saw ‘Multiple Gunmen’

  1. albertpikebishop says:

    I called it hours ago…its another falsely flag job and as usual they f#@ked it up wait till they squeeze that so called gurl fiend….and she returns right after the killings..oh so timely ….some how or in some way..this bitch is involved up to her nipples..i would bet..

  2. Benton says:

    So it’s been reported that they found the shooter’s room because the smoke detector went off. There is a LVFD station right next to the Mandalay. Why didn’t the fire department at that station respond within a few seconds? At that instant the fire department would not have known there was a shooter. …they should have been at that room in 5 minutes tops. After the first 100 round mag, that barrel would haven been smoking like crazy. Why no fire department? Also…for those of you who have been to an indoor rifle range you know how incredibly loud an AR is….how could no one above below on the sides have heard that and not called 911 or the front desk? I read where one guy heard and couldn’t get through to anyone…really?…only one guy in all the rooms around the shooter heard these deafening sounds and tried to report to someone?
    With regards to the video above possibly showing muzzle flashes from a lower floor of the Mandalay, I didn’t see any busted out windows except for 2 on the upper floor where Paddock’s room was located. If these are gun shots at a lower floor, why no busted out window?

    • old bat says:

      yes why no busted window? also, maybe no one was in those rooms around the “shooter” room at that time. but i would think the smoke alarm would have gone off for sure.

    • lois says:

      As I understand it, the lower floors have small windows they can open slightly as vents. Never been there, but I’ve read this recently.

  3. James Stamulis says:

    Why doesn’t someone at the hotel take pictures of where the shots were fired from the 4th floor during the daytime so people will see the windows broken at both the 4th and 32nd floor? I don’t see how they could hide the broken windows on the 4th floor for there should be all kinds of witnesses that saw those flashes.

    • Bob M says:

      A commenter on Zero hedge claims he’s stayed at Mandalay and the windows open up to 4th floor. Windows above 4th are fixed.
      Therefore, no smashed window on 4th floor. Also no flashes seen from 32nd floor.

    • T camp says:

      Some people are saying those flashes were a strobe light from the sign, BS. Are there certain rooms that have windows that open from the inside, for emergencies or cleaning or …….. ? Anybody?

      • old bat says:

        the vid can be analyzed for same number of flashes and sound. also, the difference in timing betw the flashes and sound would be the same each time.

  4. AlexanderH says:

    Question: In all the video clips audio there is not one example of the sound of overlapping firing as would be expected with more than one shooter? Why is that. Not a single example.
    Question: If there was another shooter on the 4th floor why is there not a broken window. Did he shoot through glass? Maybe 100 million people will have viewed the footage and many hundreds the building. Why has no-one reported a broken window anywhere but the 32nd floor? All those windows are fixed as is typical.



  6. Jamal says:

    James stimulus, good point, that’s what I’ve been trying to find. As of yet all pics only show the 32nd floor window area.

  7. Big Jim says:

    WTF!! Why is this guy not in custody? The broken window to the left, on the 32nd floor was in room 32-134; right where this guy said he was staying. He is definitely involved in all this. shows a diagram of the rooms. Brian seems to forget to mention Mr. Paddock breaching his shared access door, breaking out his window, ect. Surly he witnessed all this, as they were hiding under the bed until the police entered their room.

    • Katie says:

      You may be right, although I watched a vid. at the link you posted and it showed a suite on the 32 floor and there were a ton of windows in it. It looks like with all those windows it could appear that the shots from left side window would be another suite, but again, with all the windows in the suite, it could possibly be from one room.

    • Zak Martin says:

      Where did you read that he (or they, whoever “they” are) hid under a bed? I’ve watched several interviews with Brian Hodge, and in them he claimed that when he heard the shots (as he was returning to his room after dinner) he ran from the hotel and hid in a bush outside. He said nothing about hiding under a bed. Read this:

      Hodge’s story sounds far-fetched to me. If you were on the 32nd floor of a hotel and there was a shooting, would you run out of the hotel and hide in a bush “for several hours”, waiting for the police to arrive? Most people would instinctively head down to the reception area. And as we now know, the police were there within minutes (even if it took them an hour and 12 minutes to decide to break down Paddock’s door), so why would Hodge be waiting hours for the police? The outside of the Mandalay was teeming with police, emergency services, ambulances, TV crews etc., twenty minutes after the shooting – yet Hodge waited several hours in a bush?

      Initially we were led to believe that Paddock had rented both rooms – 32134 and 32135. It was only when Hodge was interviewed that it became clear that he was in room 32134 while Paddock was in 32135. Which raises the question: why (and how) did Paddock break into Hodge’s room (where he broke a window) when he had a panoramic view of the concert from his own window? It seems like a strange thing to do if, as were have been told repeatedly, he planned everything meticulously.

      The other interesting thing is that Hodge is a gun enthusiast, and once worked in the same casino complex on Australia’s Gold Coast that Paddock’s girlfriend Marylou once worked at. That’s probably just a coincidence. Hodge would hardly be volunteering to give interviews if he was involved in the shooting. But then again, who knows. Everything about this case is bizarre.

      • Big Jim says:

        I was referencing his First interview early Monday morning. He made it clear “they” were in room 134; and comfired a second time when asked by the reporter. When the first volley stopped; he looked through the peephole and saw “multiple shooters”> He smelled gunpowder, and the room was getting smokey. When the shooting started again; they hid under the bed for what seemed forever; until swat evacuated them and told the to run. He said on their way out, they saw a security man “dead” by the elevators. This video disappeared shortly after I watched it; as did the copy I saved. He showed up a few hours later; clean shaven, and a new haircut; and a totally different story . His room 134 statement changed to “the room next door”, as did in the upgraded print of the article.

        • Big Jim says:

          Plus no-one seems to say much regarding the armed “thugs” in the video at the Tropicana; escorting our good friend Daniel P. Love to safety.

  8. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    We don’t even know whether the body found in the room was already dead before any of the shooting started?
    Maybe somebody else did all the shooting after he killed the patsy???

    All this supposed video, where the hell is it?

  9. Big Jim says:

    Room 32-134 is the answer. Those rooms are only filled as a last resort; just in case the suite next door wants it for additional bed space. Brian Hodges ( sure not his real name) specifically stated his room was 134. Everything on floor 32 was staged out of that room. I guarantee there is security footage of at least one, if not two, commercial salesman type trunks, being wheeled into that room days prior. Why did police not mention the missing window in 134; when they entered and rescued “Brian and his unnamed companion”? I think that would have peaked my interest.

  10. T camp says:

    They said he has explosives, if that was the case banning gun would have done Nothing! Funny how Nothing more is being said about that?

    • Martist says:

      OK City fbi bombing itself resulted in a gun ban, so don’t go looking for logic from this enemy govt in place.

  11. old bat says:

    just bec a group takes credit does not make it so.

  12. old bat says:

    he also owned 2 planes? why not just turn one into a bomb? he was gonna kill himself anyways. would have been more effective.

  13. old bat says:

    i want to see cctv showing his arrival and any trips in with any type of bags that could hold those guns.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      Exactly what I’ve been thinking.

      Whether it was 17 or 23 makes no difference, you can only fit so many in any type of tote bag at one time.

      Would’ve taken multiple trips.

  14. old bat says:

    it seems that there was also a shooter at the bellagio? they are on lockdown at the bellag, and no one is allowed on the casino floor. she indicates that she stepped in broken glass. i have also heard there was a 3rd hotel involved but i dont recall the name.

  15. SAS says:

    why no repots of falling glass? those windows are PLATE glass,very tough/heavy. falling from that height would injure/kill people below. also would make quite a noise. surely someone would have reported it. police radio traffic also indicates shots fomlower floors as well as gate 7.

  16. old bat says:

    do a search for map of vegas strip hotels and you see that bellagio is no where near mandalay. tropicana is, and i think that was the other name i heard.

    be sure to read the facebook comments on that vid site. they say shots fired at aria and caesars, too.

    • Martist says:

      We now have “the former marine committing exceptional acts of bravery while rescuing people” and of course the original “jihadist” story was created by sam hyde…joo-ish “comedian”…any press is good press.

      We had the same shite at the rest of em.

  17. David says:

    “The corporate media, controlled by a small, elite oligarchy, is operating on behalf of the New World Order, attempting to mislead the public into believing their enemies are their friends, and their friends are their enemies.”

    Which is a nice way of saying leftist Jews own, run, and control our media and use it as a weapon against the masses with their propaganda.

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