How about another War for Oil?

Fuel prices are expected to soar to around $5 per gallon this spring, this as new reports show the US’s number one export is, you guessed it, fuel.  Every neo-con is parroting the slogan, “Drill baby drill”.  Why? So we can “Export baby export”?  We are told that our dependency on foreign oil is the reason we have to send our young people to foreign countries to be maimed and killed.  It would seem the circle of lies is starting to catch up with the propaganda machine.

Maybe the elite’s reasoning is that if they can raise the price of gas they can tell us, “If we invade Iran we can get their oil”.  Yeah, maybe that would work.  It worked when they wanted to go into Iraq.  Of course once the resources of Iraq were secured, a pipeline was built to Israel and now the Israelis are getting that oil our people died for for $2 per barrel.  And of course we are purchasing the oil from Israel at the top market price.

If gasoline and other oil products are our top export, ask yourself, how much cheaper would our gasoline, diesel, and other oil products would be if the finished products derived from our oil pumped from our land had to, by law, be sold in our country?  I mean if we are buying gas and other oil products from other countries, aren’t we paying to transport it here when we go to the pumps?

This is just another example of the economic treason being committed against we the people.  And it is not just oil; it is all of our resources.  We cannot cut down a tree and make a table for ourselves, we have to allow the international elite to take our trees to Japan or China where they are made into boards and then into the table, which is shipped back here and then we pay the markup on.

Record profits.  The corporate elite have piled up billions and trillions of US dollars.  They say there is an economic crisis, but show me where they have been hurt in any way.  Noting that the elite have been harmed in no way by this crisis, they now say that the only solution to the problem they created in robbing us blind is for us to give them more.

Everything the elite do is a fraudulent, corrupt scheme designed to steal more of our natural resources and further the cause of our eventual enslavement.

The Keystone Pipeline that the corporate elite are pushing is nothing more than a scheme to bring Canadian sludge oil to our seaport refineries to be turned into gas, diesel, and other oil products for export.  And in extending that pipeline, the oil we are refining in the Midwest and selling here in the United States, will be leaving the country also, meaning we will have less domestic product, meaning higher gas and diesel prices and more cries of “Drill baby drill”.

The key to our regaining control of our country is in regaining control of our resources, and that is every resource, including technology.  The corporate elite know this is the truth.  This is why they have not tried to clamp down on us yet.  They still have the flow of the spice.  When we finally smarten up and take back our resources, you just watch and see how hateful and nasty they get, and how quick.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

I have put up a donate button for our brothers and sisters of the Hutaree Militia who are being held on a bill of attainder and have committed no crime.  They have lost their jobs, their homes, and their freedom.  Their trial has begun and the money is needed for transportation of witnesses and other necessities to accommodate the trial.

These are our people and we need to stand by them as they are our militia who were preparing to stand by us.  They are innocent.  Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. These insatiable, money-hungry oil companies have to be forced to stop exporting our fuel or be charged heavy tariffs to export it anywhere so that prices here can be kept as low as possible. It’s no wonder other nations laugh at us, the 1% send all our resources out for their own profit and we the 99% just stand there and pout.

  2. Henry,

    I’m sending money to your house. E-mail me your address. Sorry to hear about our brothers and sisters at Hutaree Militia.

  3. Not only that, they get subsidies and big time tax breaks also. It seems all the lawmakers are doing is passing more laws to legally steal more money. The true meaning of corruption is when the corupt are making the laws to their benefit. I have no problem with corporations making money, but our needs here in America should be put first and what is left is up for grabs. This crap of selling it overseas to put us in financial slavery has to end. The resources should impower the people. They should not be used to create jobs in other countries and inpovirish the American people. The only ones benefiting in the currant system are the 1%. They have abandoned the country for only their riches while the American people suffer.

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