How do you fix that?

july 15 007

This is not a staged photograph.  I snapped this image 2 hours ago at the Assisted Living Facility in town.  I just about took a roll in the grass!   Caption contest? No!

13 thoughts on “How do you fix that?

  1. Millard, is your bike a five speed? just kidding! You can sometimes see these guys here in Florida.

    1. Joe, it’s not my my bike! However, it is one of those 5-speed “banana” bikes all the ‘gay’ guys just had to have! You know, the one with the ball busting shift lever placed “just perfect”!

  2. The old woman responsible for the display came out and said to me, “I see you’re out admiring my “nigger boys”. I felt it wasn’t the right time for talking so I wandered on.

    1. People in the south don’t always use the trerm nigger in a negative way. Sometimes, like the old lady, it’s endearing. Unless you grow up in a hillbilly family, especially in the apalachians, you may not get it…

  3. I love the black face antiques. Not because I’m racist but because they remind me of the 20s/30s…Louis Armstrong, cab calloway, classic movies…I’m Red blooded Indian btw…I don’t get upset when people have Indian memorabilia…it’s good that people remember our culture, even if it is viewed as negative.

  4. This is why all the old folks(with poor vision) always go on about how blacks are lazy. Someone should let them know those are only yard statues. Not real people.

    “these people aint seen a brown skin man since their grand parents bought one” -rage against the machine

  5. People are set in their ways. Ain’t no law gonna change their mind, they was brought up that way and don’t know different. Hard-workin, salt of the earth type guys that looked for a chance at the American Dream. I forget now, what was that? Oh, yes, that’s right, we get to be slaves living under a tyrannical government.

  6. I’ve got an Uncle Tom in a tux, Aunt Jemima, lil black Sambo AND a black labrador as a family together on my stone wall overlooking my driveway. I would only wonder who stole half my statues!

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