How the World Really Works

By Concerned Citizen

Sarah Ransome was a victim of the Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell Child Trafficking Operation.

“I was raped repeatedly & I was not the only girl on that Island”

“I was ten – that’s how long the sex trafficking ring has been happening”

“There was a constant stream of girls being raped over & over again”

“I have spent the last 17 years in my own prison – for what she, Jeffrey & the co-conspirators did to me”

She is just one of the thousands of children abducted & abused over several decades – we know about Epstein’s Island & Manhattan Penthouse – how many more operations were there?

Celebrities, Politicians, CEO’s & even Royal Family members are all known to have been present on ‘The Island’ where unspeakable things happened to young children. These events were filmed & then used by those running the operation to blackmail & control the offenders for their own political gain.

It’s not a coincidence that NOBODY has been charged following the arrest of both Jeffrey & Ghislaine – despite the abusers being known to authorities- it is of course one big club.

The question is – who ultimately was in control of the operation as this group of people run the World from the shadows?

One thought on “How the World Really Works

  1. May her healing come, and may words help sink that ship once-and-for-all and drag it to the depths of hell.


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