I despise those who comply

Just about two weeks ago I drove myself to the Emergency Room (60 miles away). Today, May 18 I had a follow up clinic appointment in Jamestown (60 miles away). I walk in to register. The clerk asked if I had a mask and I replied ‘no’. She said I’ll go get one for you. My response was no, I decline that medical intervention.

Upon hearing the dialogue between myself and the clerk, her supervisor walks over and vomits out the Sanford policy to which I said ‘policy is not law and I have the right to decline any medical intervention’. 

“If you do not wear a mask we cannot serve you”. So you are denying my access to medical care. Our policy is blah blah blah and this is by doctor Shaw.

I would like to speak with Dr. Shaw.

“Okay” She then proceeded to type away at the keyboard and in a moment was speaking with whom I presumed to be Dr. Shaw as she said into the phone, “she would like to speak with you”

She then hung up so I guess Dr. Shaw didn’t want to speak with me. Again she stated policy.

“If you are denying my access to medical care then I want that stated in a letter along with your full name.”

This is when The RN shows up to takeover. The clerk had to leave as she was now in tears. The nurse spouted off the policy and admitted medical care would be denied if I did not wear a mask.

I stated to her that I have the right to decline any medical intervention. If I am to be denied medical care then I want a letter stating such denial along with names of those denying my access to care. This is when the nurse tells me she can have a letter mailed to me.

No, I want the letter before I leave here. She explains ‘we can do a video visit with you at home’ I asked how will the doctor be able to do a physical exam via video? ‘He won’t.’ So I need to meet with my doctor as this is a followup up to the emergency room visit a few weeks ago.

I asked her if she was aware of a person’s Natural rights and our Bill of Rights. No reply.

I stated no one has the authority to deny my rights.

She said she has to get hold of her supervisor and that I should wait outside. I said I will go out and be back in ten minutes. Exactly ten minutes later I walk into the lobby and am greeted by John the clinical director. He tells me he has been trying to call me for five minutes and reads off my phone number. Yes, that is my home phone number. What is your cell number, he asked. I don’t have a cell phone. He then goes on to site the policy. Again I state I have the right to deny any medical intervention and if I am being denied access to medical care for exercising that right I want that denial in writing along with the names of those denying my access. I explained this is a follow up appointment to an emergency room visit and need to meet with the doctor.

“I’m sorry about….” I cut him off saying I don’t need sorry I need to see the doctor.

He then goes into how I have upset his staff and one of them is in tears as I yelled at her.

I stopped him right there. Whoa, I said, I didn’t yell at anyone and I am not going to play the tears game.

Again he goes into the policy…..blah blah blah. Again I mention the letter of denial. He says he will get it mailed to me. No, I will wait.
John says here is what we can do. I’ll compromise, if you wear a mask in the waiting room you can remove it once inside the doctor’s office. No, this is all coercion which is unlawful. I have the right to decline any medical intervention.

He says he will have to call legal. Fine, I’ll be waiting outside.

In less than ten minutes here comes John. He sits next to me on the bench and tells me he spoke with the lawyer and what we will do is put me in one of treatment rooms away from the general waiting room, a room that is used to isolate people from others but I may have to wait a few minutes before the doctor sees me. That’s okay with me I said. As he escorted me to the isolated area he was making all kinds of small talk. It took everything in me not to smirk.

As an aside, I explained to each one of these four people I received a recorded message a few months ago from a doctor affiliated with the Sanford clinic encouraging me to make an appointment for the COVID vaccine. I explained to each one of these people that on the recording it was not mentioned these shots are experimental as there is not an approved vaccine as yet. None of them had a response. I encouraged them to go to the FDA website.

16 thoughts on “I despise those who comply

  1. Nice, we need to get back to local Doctors truly serving and caring about us!

    And all these corporate hospitals should become ashes and piles of rubble

    Never to be rebuilt again..!

  2. I’m sorry, Mary, that you, my sister, were put into such a disrespectful situation. It’s chilling to come face-to-face with those doing the bidding of the enemy. That said, I thought you showed great courage, not to mention tenacity. Thank you for standing strong and I hope you are feeling okay.


  3. My town just went 70% maskless. But still not the grocery stores.
    I don’t need a mask at a bar but nobody can sit at the bar. It’s all table service. At the hardware stores it’s mixed.

    Bizzaro world.

    Good job Mary.

  4. Other than occasional headaches I am fine and have a local doctor who does not buy into the covid and “vaccine” narrative. And if I hike around here and mess up my hip or whatever then I’ll just have to deal with it, because I am NOT going into a hospital for surgery or a clinic if the clinic requires a mask and or “vaccination.” Oh well, but my body, my choice…and these medical folks need to realize there are those who cannot wear masks and who will not wear masks and who will never get this experimental shot…and these folks can be sued if the “vaccine” they give out harms the person (same with OSHA and employers). If the doctor requires this, find another doctor or clinic. Sooner than later clinics will pop up for the wise unvaxxed and unmasked. Non-conformity can pay off.

    Good on you, Mary! Blessings!

  5. Outstanding job of standing your ground and enforcing the Bill of Rights! None of them dared to put their name to any letter denying medical care because they knew that they were in the wrong. They were hoping you would leave and then they would mail you a copy of their “policy”.

  6. Excellent, Mary!
    Now, just think what if everyone who truly knows this is bullshit would make the same stand, and that includes those working in the hospital who know the policy is bullshit. Everybody just said, no we are not going to, give it up.
    I admire your stubbornness. The truth is powerful if one has the courage to wield it.

  7. We all need to do just what you did – just say “No”!
    Document it when it happens. You should be able to record them as long as you let them know you’re recording. That tends to make them think twice.
    Good for you!

  8. Excellent
    We stand , they fall
    Bless your tenacity and right to set them straight
    There’s a lot of power in the word No , especially when you can back it up with facts, and resilience

    I hope you are doing better

  9. Thank you all for your comments
    At one point in my conversation with the nurse I asked her exactly what was the mask supposed to accomplish. Her reply was “I’m not going to argue with you” The fearful masses look to the ignorant order followers for guidance.

    1. Good for you Mary
      Thanks to Henry, I as well have been successful at educating a couple of store managers on their lack of authority and the bill of rights as well as the fact that this whole covid thing is a lie.
      Its always enjoyable to some degree to see the dumb look on their face when they have no legitimate argument.
      I sure wish I had the 21/2” wide lapel pin I used to wear years ago to work but it mysteriously vanished one day when I left it on my shirt and wasn’t wearing it on the framing job I had.
      It read ” I’m surrounded by idiots”
      Apparently not everyone could apreciate it like I did. It seems so much more appropriate today.
      I rarely go to town, my tolerance for the stupidity is nearly non existent.
      Thank God and greyhound for Henry and Laura.

    2. Mary
      The mask thing is a big joke on everyone
      If what they are saying is true
      All these masks would be required to be handled as a BIOHAZARD
      Not jammed in a trash can
      Laying on the ground , filling up trash sites or hanging from the rear view mirror

      And I’m definitely sure you and everyone here is fully aware of this

  10. I heard this the other day, which I think is great. Guy went into Walmart, associate says you don’t have a mask on, you need to wear a mask, etc. The guy says no he doesn’t because he’s exempt due to CFS. He leaves, gets what he went to WM for. Gets to the register to cash out and the associate comes up to him and says you don’t have a mask on. The guy again says he’s got CFS, therefor he’s exempt. Associate says, what’s CFS? The guy tells him it’s common fu*kin sense.
    Now granted, this ain’t the Bill of Rights, yet it’s funny as heck.
    Mary, I hope you are better from whatever the emergency run was for, and great job on standing your ground. NO, is a very powerful word.

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