IDF to go door to door taking blood samples from children

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IDF reservist and medic Jonathan Justin Lewis, who made Aliyah from America, took to Facebook on Tuesday to discuss a bizarre reason for him to be called up to reserve duty.

According to Lewis, the IDF will be going door to door to have children submit blood samples for Covid-19 serological tests.

Describing it as a “weird call”, Lewis was asked to meet his commanders who explained to him the mission: ‘Go to small cities around the south and mass serological test Kids from 3-12 to find out if they have antibodies. IF the kids do they are considered to have a Green Passport and will not have to enter quarantine. IF a school has over 70% of kids considered green (recovered from CoViD) then the school would not need to shut down if someone is positive for CoviD in the school. Otherwise, we will have a repeat of last year which probably half the year was remote and half in school at random times, where we would quarantine one kid or another every month.”

Lewis described the strange task adding in his post: “Nothing weirder than watching trained combat medics, who have seen some crazy stuff, get totally stressed out by trying to get a 3 year old to get a pin prick to do the test.”

Israel 365

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