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If it were named what it really is

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16 Responses to If it were named what it really is

  1. SKYWALKER says:

    LMAOOOO—-Whole lot of truth in the definitions

  2. Peter says:

    Make viral especially to young people under 20…..They just have no clue what life was like before 1990….even the pay phones are gone.

    • Atrax says:

      We have pay phones… we pay for it, we carry it around, the government surveils it. It’s a DOUBLE pay phone!


  3. Katie says:

    If it were named what it really is- INFOWHORES for Israel

    • galen says:

      Thanks for completing the picture, Katie.



    • Atrax says:


    • DL. says:

      Good one Katie, I almost missed that one! Thanks!

    • Martist says:

      Yeah, “funny” how the common denominator pushing and benefiting from the creation of thes affronts, save one, is NEVER addressed by infowhores, unless to protect it from criticism and exposure of course. Nah, just another “conspiracy theory”.

    • SKYWALKER says:

      While i agree, don’t let the message get lost—kill the messenger but not the message….facts

      • galen says:

        Well maybe. I mean sometimes we want to keep the messenger alive. Depends on each situation. And I think there was much appreciation shown here for “the message.” But anytime there’s an opportunity to expose a traitor, JUMP ON IT!! Some feel obligated to do so. And especially in this case, where so many were drawn in for so many years only to be led to a dead end, a toxic end, an “Arabs run Hollywood” end.

        And the title here: “If It Were Named What It Really Is,” Ha! InfoWars would never again use the words Illumanati, Banksters, Global Elite, etc., you know, if it were named what (who) it really is. Can’t let gatekeepers off the hook. I remain on Alex watch. Such grand theater.


  4. galen says:

    Ha! Not only have you been around the block, you even crossed the street.



  5. flee says:

    They should an icon with a penis.

    That sayz…

    Weapon of Mass Destruction.

    • flee says:

      Oh wait a second. …

      Those missles do look like penises.

      And fk spelcheck.

      You h1b1 niggers need to update that sht.

      So it doesn’t make intelligence people lick me look stupid.

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