Ignorance Runs Rampant on Wall Street

The Dow fell 276 points, the Nasdaq fell 52.74 points, and the S&P fell 31.78 points on Monday.  Can we all remember last Thursday when every economist within the mainstream propaganda machine was shouting “Economic Boom!  Invest, invest, invest!” expecting people with pension plans to dive into the arena to be raped?  Well it would seem nobody fell for it.  That huge enormous 339 point gain on the Dow has now been reduced to 63.

Thursday we will have the weekly new jobless claims report followed by the monthly unemployment report on Friday, after which these same sleazebags will be coming forth to tell us that this proves we must stop taxing the filthy rich.  I know this makes no sense, but since when has any of this made sense?

How about we just cut this bullshit?  We are in a depression, a deep, deep depression and the elite think that if they can keep this fact off of the mainstream news, no one will find out.

And don’t forget the eleven pieces of legislation in our Congress right now to expand the worker visa program so more people from our middle class can be laid off and then replaced with foreign labor within our borders, as Ron Paul’s victories in the straw polls are being negated in the mainstream via polls from a couple of neo-con newspapers.

What really gets me is how these talking heads can come out one day and tell a bunch of lies and then come out two days later, telling conflicting lies with smiles on their faces, acting as if nothing happened.  They have to know that they have zero credibility at this point in the ball game, which leads one to wonder what their motives are.

Do they really think we are going to allow this to happen yet again?  Another neo-con or socialist put into power against our will?  Could they really be that stupid?

Occupy Wall Street protesters went into the streets dressed as zombies yesterday, severely damaging any credibility they might have accumulated.  This was an act of a child and everyone who participated should be ashamed.  Also Homeland Security conducted exercises wherein they responded to a zombie invasion.  Good God, is this the mentality that had led us into this mess?  If these zombie protesters represent our hope then we have no hope.  Stop acting like goddamn fools and get serious or go home.

As for those socialists out there who cannot even put forth an intelligent argument for their socialism because they do not even know what socialism is, get off of our streets.  You are the problem, not the solution, and every socialist son of a bitch better be clear on one thing.  There are 40 million heavily armed patriots out here who will wipe your asses from the face of this planet.  How dare you stand up in the streets of our country and spout your socialist bullshit.  It is an act of treason and will be treated as such.

Back in April I tried to get just a handful of protesters to stage a mock crucifixion of a long term unemployed person on a corporate cross in front of John Boehner’s church on Easter.  This would have been a strong political statement and no one would have wondered what it was about.  And of course no one did it.

Then yesterday I saw hordes of fools marching through the streets in elaborate costumes portraying themselves as zombies.  I guess in reality that is what you are from the neck up, as nobody has the slightest clue of what you are trying to put forth other than your own stupidity.  If one of you had a brain you would take it out and play with it.

I believe this revolution is going to have to go to war if this is the best we have to offer in the way of an intellectual argument.

In short you are pathetic.  You could have gone forth with Ron Paul signs or signs with the Constitution on them.  You could have dressed yourself as oppressed peasants and there at least would have been a little reality to your message.  I don’t know who is offering you suggestions or leading you, but whoever it is has made you look stupid in the eyes of the world; an imbecilic group of old children who should have been trick-or-treating instead of participating in a protest march.

Again, go home as you are making the rest of us who are part of this movement look stupid.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Had some very similar thoughts about seeing that display also. I seriously doubt, unless one knows about zombie banks and what that implies, that very many are going to get the point. Thing is, it’s a pretty important issue. Maybe now more than ever. When you consider the amount of exposure these U.S. banks have in swaps across the ocean in Euroland and all the counter party risks and potential damage, it’s mind boggling. The counter party risks are the major part of it, and these banks are not telling the public the whole complete story about their entire exposure, and the government is backing them up in that dept. Why should the banks come clean about anything. The government was there for AIG when they couldn’t make good on their bets, so the banks are banking on a repeat performance should push come to shove. With the recent developements, it’s getting closer to that point and ’08 won’t hold a candle to the damage coming. This is not ’08. Things are much different now.

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