7 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Invasion

  1. Good point NC. The US is being invaded by illegals and I don’t care what our so called government calls it. It’s nothing but an invasion pure and simple.

  2. After seeing the poster that Missy posted last night, I had this message in my head that I needed to get out. So I did a little photoshopping. Hope you all like it. Feel free to share or print it out.

  3. Earlier this morning, there were a bunch of Mexicans from a landscaping company mowing the lawn around my apartment complex. They woke me up, yelling at each other in Spanish. I yelled back at them and said, “Hey, speak English! This is an English speaking country.”

    The one guy asks the other guy in Spanish, “What is he saying?” and the other guy interprets for him. Within a few seconds, they both separate and stop speaking Spanish.

    These ignorant Mexican bastards probably aren’t even legal. They come here and they can’t even speak the English language. I should have asked if they had a green card.

    I’m so sick of these assholes taking our jobs and invading our country. 😡

    1. Yes, I hear ya NC and agree 100%. I have been retired for more than 4 years now but I had some really great Mexican friends at my job. They spoke English and so did their children. One of them told me about a trip to the doctor whereupon the girl in the office gave my friend a card in Spanish. She was offended, handed the card back and told the office girl that she spoke only English and wanted the card with the info in English…not Spanish. Of course she and others I knew and worked with were born here and regarded themselves as Americans of Mexican heritage. They even had relatives that served in the armed forces. I’m still in contact with these ladies and they have given their opinion on illegal immigrants…they don’t like them any more than we do. Our creepy government is inviting these illegals into our country and it’s so treasonous.

      1. Good to hear there are still some people of Mexican heritage who come to America and declare themselves Americans.

        1. Yes I am sure that there are some that do come to America and regard themselves as Americans. These I knew were born here. Their ancestry in Texas could possibly go back a long way.
          This crap that our government is pulling with these illegals spilling into our country is great cause for concern. I don’t believe that the government has any plans on stopping all these illegals spilling into our country either. 🙁

  4. ISIS cannot vote in US elections, that’s why.

    When Russia invaded Afghanistan, the rebels were “freedom fighters”.

    When the US invaded, the rebels were “terrorists”

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