Illegal Alien Voting Block in the US

Via testimony before the House Administration Committee it has been revealed that through matching ballots cast and driver license registration in Colorado, 5000 illegal aliens voted in the 2010 Senate race there.

New Haven, Connecticut Mayor, John DeStefano, is seeking to extend voting rights to illegal aliens and other non-citizens.

I know what you are going to say.  That can never happen.  Well there is another old saying, “The thin edge of a thick wedge.”  When a country is invaded the occupying forces begin immediately to put measures in place designed to take over the body politic.  You see, before one country can claim capture of another, they must establish a new government, distinct and apart from the old.

There is no question that the United States has been invaded by foreign nationals intent on taking control of our country and her resources.  As the invasion has been going on for decades, the insurgents have become generational.  The daughter or son of the foreigner who invaded thirty years ago has now secured a position within our governmental structure.  And in working in cohesion with the new troops they are creating a situation where in their occupational force is not being looked at as such, but is indeed becoming the norm.

Forget about the lies being put forth in the mainstream media, there is a minimum of 30 million illegal aliens/infiltrators in our country today.  This is how the so called Hispanic population has increased in proportions that can in no way be attributed to natural breeding.  They just have one of the established invaders point at one of the new invaders and say he is one of us.  This is why these illegal aliens are labeled undocumented workers; it is a game of words that will eventually morph into acts of sedition.

We the American people had better wake up.  The fact is more than 40% of the jobs in the United States are now low paying, low skilled.  This is a jump from less than 30% of jobs back in 1980.  Our high skilled jobs are being sent to China temporarily, while arrangements are being made to bring more foreigners into the United States on visas to work these jobs in this country.

The standard of living for the US worker has been on a steady decline for the past thirty years via cuts in wages and benefits.  This is no phenomenon.  It is planned and deliberate.

For those who say that these invaders are good people just trying to find a better life, well I would have to say that is a partial truth.  I have been to Mexico and not to the bright city beaches they show on television.  I’m talking the real Mexico.  And everyone had better realize that a better life for these people is nothing more than not going hungry.  And if we continue to allow them into our country by the millions, just “not going hungry” will become the standard for 99% of us.

Considering the millions of layoffs and the millions of foreigners that have been pumped into our country, the competition for each and every available job has become so immense that if the elite thought they could get away with it, they would be awarding every job to the lowest bidder.

The insurgency has not gained enough footing at this point to accommodate this scenario.  But when the insurgency reaches the level that these non-citizens are allowed to vote in our elections, the US citizenry is in for a rude awakening, as they are going to find out that once these invaders, who some are weeping and cheerleading for, gain the upper hand, they will launch an attack on the natives of this country that will show their true contempt for us.

They want what we have and they will use the good in us to take it from us.

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