Illegal immigrant deported 15 times arrested in hit-run crash that hurt 6-year-old boy

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An illegal immigrant – who had been deported 15 times – is accused of seriously injuring a 6-year-old boy in a Saturday night drunken driving hit-and-run crash, authorities said.

Constantino Banda-Acosta, a 38-year-old Mexican citizen, was kicked out of the U.S. 15 times in the past 15 years, with his most previous deportation coming Jan. 18, federal officials told The San Diego Union-Tribune.  

Banda-Acosta is accused of running a stop sign in the San Ysidro hit-and-run. He was taken into custody, about a half hour after the crash occurred, along with another man who was also an illegal immigrant.

The injured boy, Lennox Lake, was coming home from Disneyland with his family on Saturday, and the group was about a block from their home when the collision happened.

When he was found in the wrecked vehicle, Lennox was unconscious, bleeding from several head wounds and not breathing. He had a major head injury and, as of Tuesday night, had already undergone two surgeries, The Union-Tribune reported. Lennox’s family expects him to make a full recovery.

“Right now he has a lot of swelling and can’t open either of his eyes so he’s scared about why he can’t see,” his father, Ben Lake, told FOX5. “I just really care about bringing him home and making sure he’s happy again.”

Banda-Acosta was being held on $100,000 bail and had an arraignment set for Wednesday. He was arrested in 2006 on a DUI charge, had his license suspended three other times and also was accused of a domestic violence incident by his estranged wife, 10 News reported.

12 thoughts on “Illegal immigrant deported 15 times arrested in hit-run crash that hurt 6-year-old boy

  1. How the hell did he get a license in the first place. He should be jailed with no bail…..

    1. If I understand correctly, if he had a “valid” driver license in Mexico, he can get an “International” drivers license here.

      1. It did not mention he had a Mexican license and he still has to have a visa to get an international license

          1. Naw you’re adding your twist of the facts to make you feel good, stick to the story without adding your alternative facts—Like I said, he needed a visa to apply for an international license BY LAW

          2. Dude, RT is a dudette, and she’s been here for a long long time. She was just trying to answer your question.
            Don’t think you are going to come on here and play the prick with our people, you’ll last about as long as a spit on a hot griddle. Treat us with respect or go somewhere else.

  2. Illegal Aliens are a danger to American citizens by their notorious irresponsibility like drunk driving hit-and-runs These criminal aliens need to be deported after significant prison time and will be flight risks, running right back over the Border, if they bail out of jail. I hope they will not get out. Thank God this child is going to recover.

  3. My sister was hit by an illegal immigrant 30 yrs ago in Chicago. The man also had been deported numerous times. He ran a stop sign. She cracked her skull. She was a kid too. Never was able to go to school. Life lasting memory problems. This has been a problem in our country a long time.

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