Illegal Immigration is the Way to Go!

Why it pays to sneak into the USA these days. As an advocate for legal immigration with years of first-hand experience, it is important to tell it like it is. Illegal immigrants have special entitlements that legal immigrants just don’t get.
These are:

1- Paperwork? – not required
2- Fees? No
3- IDs and Background checks? – waived
4- Jobs (yes), Taxes (no), EIC (yes)
5- Safe Harbor? – yes
6- Prior Roots Clause? – de facto
7- Public Sympathy? – often
8- Healthcare? – FREE!
9- English language and US history? – not required
10- Selective Service? – waived
11- Obamacare? – waived

Five more reasons why…

1- Education Benefits
2- Driving Privileges
3- Employment Privileges
4- Right to Remain – de facto
5- Political Ambiguity – works in your favor


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