9 thoughts on “In summary…

  1. Thank you Galen, this indeed sums it up. And the sooner more realize it and stop wasting their time and efforts, the better off we’ll be .

  2. Jamal and Koyote, you’re welcome. And every time I hear about the “questionable” authenticity of this, the following quote comes to mind, so in sum…

    “I really didn’t say everything I said.”
    — Yogi Berra



  3. But we are people of the light, the fierce light, that illuminates everything and obliterates darkness.


  4. It’s just me, Katie, a little obsessed with tying up loose ends.

    Someone once asked: “How do you know when your mission in life is complete?”

    Ans: “If you’re alive, it’s not.”



    1. a couple of years ago i woke up in the hospital after one of my “incidents”.
      the doc came in and asked, “how are you today”? i said, “every day above ground is a good day.”

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