Indiana cop crashes family cookout, shoots pet in the face in front of children

"Lilly" after being shot in the face by Hammond police. (Source: Norma Maldonado)Police State USA

HAMMOND, IN — A family is upset after a police officer pulled up to their home, and within seconds without warning had pulled his gun and shot the family dog that was contained inside an invisible fence on its owners’ property.

The dog’s owner, Norma Maldonado, called attention to the June 10th incident after her 1.5 year old puppy, Lilly, received a bullet to the face during a family cookout. She wrote to local media:  

My dog was shot in the face today by an officer from the Hammond Indiana police department. Lilly was on the side of our house with my two boys ages 7, and 11 years old, my daughter 16 yrs old and my baby boy 11 months were standing 15 feet behind her. We have a sign and flags in our front yard warning everyone that Lilly is on the premises and is confined by an electric fence, there are also flags marking up to what point she can reach (middle of our front yard). The police officer decided to jump out of his vehicle, take out his gun and shoot my dog in the face in front of all my kids and neighbors. He never said a word before he shot her! Our family needs justice, hammond police like to beat up there K9 police dogs and now it seems they like to shoot the residents pets in front of children! What would of happened if he would of missed and hit my kids instead? Something has to be done… Someone please help us get this out, he completely didn’t care for my kids safety or well being.

The reason police arrived on the scene was apparently a complaint that the dog was not tethered; an apparent violation of the city’s leash law. The officer was dispatched with the expectation that a pet was loose.

The officer pulled up to the address, walked onto the property and immediately found the justification to shoot the dog. HPD’s statement characterized the dog as in “attack mode,” defending the shooting by stating the stating that the officer saw the dog approaching and was justified in stopping it with force.

But the witnesses say that the shooting was unnecessary and dangerous. There were children just a few feet away. Was the officer really so terrified that he had to open fire at a picnic?

After police arrived, it was “not even 10 seconds later we heard the gun shot and Lily screamed out,” Maldonado said to FOX 32. “And I just dropped what I was doing and I went running and I has still seen the officer pointing his gun.”

“After being shot,” Maldonado said, “Lilly crawled to the baby, since she is never far from his side.”

Maldonado asked the officer why he shot her dog. She recalled the response: “He said, ‘because your dog was loose.’”

The name of the officer has not been publicly released, and with the department’s swift absolution of their own actions, accountability is practically impossible.

See interviews at FOX 32 News Chicago:

13 thoughts on “Indiana cop crashes family cookout, shoots pet in the face in front of children

    1. A looooong time ago I was taught;

      “Meet violence with superior and overwhelming violence”.

      Had that been me, there WOULD have been a dead cop. Period. I don’t joke, and I’ll take my chances in court.

      But sadly, this shit MUST happen more and more, because it it THE ONLY WAY to wake the Amerikan sheeple up to current-state reality. Everyone is walking around, as if in a dream, fat, dumb, and happy. Broke, but deciding on a new car, and which show to watch tonight.

      Cops shoot upon arrival
      Cops kill
      Cops are virtually unaccountable
      Cops are ALWAYS “justified”

  1. An eye for an eye……

    the cop deserves to be treated in exactly the same manner he acted….
    shoot HIM in the face. He’ll think twice NEXT time.

    I’m sick of all the damn abuse of animals, children and people by these psychotics in uniform. Remove them, and I bet the majority of the problem goes away. Everyday its another crazy cop getting a paid vacation for violating or killing the innocent.


  2. “Was the officer really so terrified that he had to open fire at a picnic?”

    Two inch d#ck, MAX.

    NO balls.

  3. That is terrible! Violence against pets that pose no danger is unacceptable. Dangerous cops are also unacceptable. They should be able to sue a cop personally for his behavior along with city or police Dept!!

    1. You mean sue them in the corrupt Maritime Law courts?

      Shooting these mad dogs dead is the ONLY solution.

      1. No that’s not what I mean! They are animal killers.. they are killing families beloved pet’s and I want to see them pay! I want to see them pay when they pull out their Taser and kill a living being! Is that more clear.

  4. Another facet of the problem is that cops are frequently hired after they are screened for having an IQ above 80, with 70-75 being greatly preferred by TPTB. These days, an intelligent policeman is an oxymoron.

  5. It’s only a matter of time until we hear a story where a cop shoots a dog or other family pet and the family opens fire on the cop. I’ve never seen a more lopsided law than the one that states that killing a police dog is the same as killing a police officer, but it’s perfectly okay for a police officer to kill a dog owned by civilians. Wouldn’t a simple net stop a dog without injuring it? Did this idiotic cop not understand the signs and flags posted around the property? No, this is mere intimidation of the people. It’s the cops’ way of telling you that they are above the law and can just as easily shoot you (or anyone else) dead and get away with it.

  6. “Maldonado asked the officer why he shot her dog. She recalled the response: “He said, ‘because your dog was loose.’””

    Good reason! (sarcasm)


    What do you expect when we have children in law enforcement?

    You want to see a good movie on police corruption and the intelligence level of cops just like this that will make your blood boil, watch the movie, “The Place Beyond the Pines” with Bradley Cooper. It’ll make you realize the intelligence level of these pigs and why you should never trust a cop nor let him in your house again. I’m sure “Training Day” is another one.

  7. I just finished the movie The Place Beyond the Pines. I never heard of it before and it was well worth the watch. There was a lot of emotion in this movie which pointed out very well the Karma each family suffered as a result of a lie and an a possible unnecessary shooting.

    I can not help but wonder since every action creates an equal or greater reaction so all these cops engaged in such brutality what can away them. We don’t see their lives and what they live with it may be pure hell we don’t know but if not now down the road there is no time limit on this.

  8. theres a way to handle this ya’ll
    I just cant type it here.

    1st part of the equation is to say nothing.. wait some time.. than do something that this individual will remember for the rest of his life, if you are so willing

    2nd part I’ll leave up to you

    it needs to get going right now

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