Tier 5 in Their Face

First Published 10-28-10

If you are a 99er and still have a television, you, like I, glimpse daily into the world of the haves.  I see people living normal lives wherein their greatest worries lie in arranging their affairs in more efficient ways so that they might be allowed to better enjoy life.  It must be an annoyance to them to have to look upon us as we represent what could happen to them.

Most, but not all of these people, represent the brownest nosed of the brown nosers.  When the culling of the employed began, I have to believe that those who worked to live rather than lived to work were ushered to the front of the line.  I say this because I noticed a trend that began about ten years ago wherein those who indulged their bosses in feeding their delusions of superiority started becoming more valued than the person who better performed the work task.

I was taught from a young age that if you took on a job and did it better that your contemporaries, you would eventually become more valuable to your employer and be rewarded accordingly.  And this was indeed what I found in pretty much every work environment, up until about ten years ago.

I think this trend of the last ten years has contributed a lot to the decline in quality in what few American made goods there are left.   I also believe that if the aforementioned is true, those cast out to be 99ers would naturally be the best entrepreneurs.  Further, they must represent the greatest threat to the international corporate mafia.  I think that the hope of the possibility of a Tier 5 unemployment extension, which they have left dangling just out of reach, have been specifically engineered to slowly and agonizingly drain us of our pride and dignity.

As for me, it has not worked.  Every time I think of them, I see a weasel faced, little scum bag with a smirk on his face sitting behind a big desk thinking that his conniving has made him superior over those to which he is inferior in every way.  I then have an overwhelming urge to grab him by his collar and stuff him down his coat rack.  I think these dirt bags had better realize that the actions they are taking are only serving to antagonize people who are already at their limits.

As I watch the ads on my television, rather than seeing things that I envy, I see things that have been taken away from me.  And rather than feeling like I want to hide in disgrace, I’m am filled with righteous indignation that makes me want to seek them out and get right up in their face and shout, “You’d better give us our damned Tier 5 while you’re still able.”

We need to remember that we are everywhere.  So from this day forth anywhere the politicians go, they need to be running into one of us.  If all you manage to get out is “Give us our damned tier 5 now!”, sooner or later, like the outbursts in the town hall meetings, it is going to make the mainstream news.  Maybe then they will have to go out and report as to who the real 99ers are.  Not a bunch of yuppies from the Silicon Valley, but good old, every day Americans who have no qualms about getting up in their face.

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