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I found out something last Thursday and the more I think about it the more it disturbs and pisses me off.

After our PT sessions (my first, for my back) at the Manhattan New York Harbor VA Hospital, we sat down with our PT Therapists to schedule our next appointments.  

My husband had set them for 11:30 am this coming Thursday. However, his appointment with his Primary Care Dr. is at 11:30 (his Dr. is only at the VA two mornings each month)

We wanted to make PT later on the same day (we try to set everything to one day a week). I thought that my husband’s therapist had told him that she was not available later that day.

She said, “They’re doing a Live Shooter Drill…You don’t want to be here then…”

NO! We Don’t!

As we shared an Ambulette ride home with a Viet Nam Veteran with two artificial legs, I thought of all the Veterans, recent, Viet Nam, Korea, even a few WWII that will be unknowingly stuck and subjected to that “Drill”.

They a have been through enough! They don’t deserve to be put through that! The one’s I know will try to do something to defend and protect, even in their various conditions. They don’t deserve to go through that emotionally or physically!

4 thoughts on “Inside Information

  1. Yes I remember dad talking about his experiences as a soldier and as a p.o.w. it was no picnic. A drill like that could put these warriors in a bad state. Of course the V.A. don’t give sh*t about them anyway from what I can see.
    Dad died from legionella in a veterans home. They don’t have to pay him full disability any more now. How convenient.
    In my view if you want to cut down on terrorist activity you need to arm everybody. Not run drills, Of course that makes too much sense.

  2. Thank you, Angel, and no they don’t deserve that! Unfortunately, that implies tptb give a rat’s patooey about US at all, and we all range anywhere from guinea pig to cash cow status in their eyes and if it works for them, it works. They’ve already gotten maximum usage out of some, but if there’s a dime or one iota of purpose to promote their agenda by offing a million of US, they’d do it. Ad infinitum. Hope you’re well, dear 🙂

  3. Yes Paul, anyone that gives a shit owns a gun, the rest think we’re gonna fix this gig peacefully. The rest will have a very rude awakening once peace and love, hugging and good feelings run dry.

    And I will have no mercy or quarters for people that didn’t prepare. If they come for my well stocked pantry, they’ll meet my twins. The twin barrels of my double barreled shotgun with 00 buckshot! “Here, have some pepper! You want some salt on them wounds?”

    1. Yep, plus we got some mountain lions as well…and no, they are not pets! (And watch out for javelinas if you try to get into our garden at 3 a.m. because they can gore you).

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