Inside the military-style training camp for anti-vaxxers

Jan 13, 2022Anti-vaxxers are often profoundly mistrustful of all institutions and many now believe that the pandemic was a hoax designed to curtail our freedoms.
A new group, that appears to have been founded last month, has started organising military style training sessions around the country via a messaging app.
Members say they want to plan for direct action against the police, vaccination centres, politicians and anybody else deemed to be complicit.
In this special report, we went to their most recent gathering at a country park in Staffordshire.

One thought on “Inside the military-style training camp for anti-vaxxers

  1. Wonder how much they got paid for they’re bit parts? This identical kind of production gets put on MSM every time there’s a target group that you’re supposed to hate & look down on. I remember them producing these same “shows” when “multiculturalism” was being pushed in the late 80s & 90s. White neo-nazi skinheads with swaztika tattoos (and large hooked noses) were the actors in those productions.

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