Interesting Photo Of The Recent Obama Florida Vacation…

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Check out this photograph taken yesterday as the Obamas and their entourage prepare for departure from the sunny oasis of Florida to head back to the palatial surroundings of the White House.  

Note how the president’s right hand is encircled around the First Lady’s left wrist.

Then note the always there presence of Valerie Jarrett, her eyes hidden behind a pair of shades. carrying a heavy bag of something.

Michelle appears to be pulling away from her husband, toward Valerie Jarrett, while Valerie emits the strongest authoritative tone of anyone in the photo.  Is it any wonder so many of the world’s leaders look upon the current American president with such disdain and disregard?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this one certainly speaks volumes regarding the relationships within the Obama White House.

Note:  It was reported that Valerie Jarrett’s new boyfriend, NBC sportscaster and longtime Muslim, Ahmad Rashad was with  Jarrett and the First Couple in Florida as well.  Wonder if he was doing so on the American taxpayers’ dime?

11 thoughts on “Interesting Photo Of The Recent Obama Florida Vacation…

  1. We haven`t even began to see all the dirty business that is going on. When we do I am betting that what we all have seen is small potatoes compared what is about to break.
    I`m betting a month or so and the shtf good and hard.
    Get ready people cause it is here and the doors are ready to open any day now. watch and see 🙁

  2. Oh yeah and that pesky clip virus finally surfaced in California.

    mad enough on that, just to sit it out toda

    love that’s all I can say.

  3. I think the author is reading a bit too much into this action which could easily be a form of physical communication between a husband and wife.

    Tugging a wrist like that could be a way of saying “honey, we’re going this way.”

    Now…. I don’t believe that Obama and his “wife” have any kind of real marriage between them, but I do think the author is making too much of this gesture.

    1. Perhaps … but look at the grimace on Michelle’s face. Doesn’t look to me like she likes the man handling.
      . . .

  4. I couldn’t care less if bat ears was dragging the wookie by her hair as their relationship is dysfunctional anyway. What makes my blood boil is the fact that that bitch Jerrett is getting a free ride on my dime.

  5. Valerie Jarrett doesn’t look authoritative in that pic. She looks like a nerd wearing a dalmation outfit. Seriously, what’s with the half black/half white coat? Talk about symbolism.

  6. All three of them look like monkeys except Valerie Jarrett profile in the pic looks like she’s walking like Charlie Brown or Shaggy from Scooby Doo. She probably bounces up and down and moves her bobble head back and forth when she walks. Hell, does she even move her hands when she walks? How anyone can be afraid of this Iranian, monkey-faced goofball is beyond me?

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