International Socialist Insurgency False Flags Failing on Every Front

Beginning with the false flag shooting in Aurora, Colorado on July 20, 2012 and lasting through the summer, we the American people have been facing a full court press of propaganda productions designed to manipulate us into compliance on several fronts, including gun control, internet control, and even war.  And all have failed due to the united resistance that we have accomplished via the internet.

The false flag shootings were met with increased gun sales. The attempt to scare us from purchasing defense items on the net again failed, with many increasing purchases just to send a message.

The program to kidnap individuals posting politically incorrect comments online and take them off to psych wards only angered us further and made us more determined and thus caused us to post even more.

Now we have crammed our enemies’ war propaganda so far down their throats they don’t know whether to defecate or go blind.

With King Netanyahu looking at losing his crown in October when the Israelis hold their election and both the false left and false right paradigm here in the US falling apart before our very eyes, it will be interesting to see what they try next.

I firmly believe that Obama will sign an executive order in an attempt to gain some semblance of control over the internet as the insurgency is being countered immediately at every instance through our communications.

Ben Bernanke, with the introduction of the open ended QE3, is telling us that the international corporate mafia will now try to steal as much as they can, as quick as they can, as their infrastructure in the US is crumbling.

I believe we are going to see an attempt by the insurgency to brutally clamp down on the patriotic American nationals of the American race.  But this effort, like the rest, is going to fail.  It is time to draw our lines and defend them with whatever force is necessary.

We must meet each and every affront with a brutality that will leave our enemy without a doubt that we intend total resistance.  And once the fight begins we are not going to stop until they are completely annihilated and our wealth is returned.

Right is on our side and we are absolutely defending our homes and hearths and the future of our progeny.  Show no mercy.  Offer no quarter because this is the stance of our enemy.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

15 thoughts on “International Socialist Insurgency False Flags Failing on Every Front

  1. “failing on every front”

    Yeah, just DON”T lose focus. Keep your eye on the game of “bait and switch,” keep your eye on the dizzying moving of the little pea.

  2. BTW, please author, do tell what is the “American race?”

    I thought, mainly, they came from Europe. Sort of like Patrick Henry’s “race.”

    How about the Australians, or the New Zealanders, do they count?

    1. The American race is the American nationals. Our forefathers are the colonists, the Native Americans, and the colonial slave population. We have a common culture and will not be divided one against the other by pigment of skin or multiculturalism. We are Americans, period, and we are an extended family.
      This country and its resources are our real property. We have invited others in over the years. They are those who have come to this country legally and have adapted and become as we are. We value life, liberty, and freedom and want all those who have come to conquer and change our country to leave forthwith, as they are uninvited and representatives of the insurgency that is trying to conquer us and take that which is ours.
      Hope this helps you.

  3. The thing is that the f.f. ops. haven’t gone far enough to generate the DESIRED RESPONSE . Either the people have wised – up or , god forbid : they have sunk so far down to the abyss , there is no hope . You be the judge .

  4. “it will be interesting to see what they try next.”

    I think we may have just gotten an answer to that one, Henry.

    With the Brits now joining the fray, WWlll can’t be far off.

    1. (Spoken with a British accent)

      “Ohhhh…..God save the Queen! For England, James?”

      “No, how about for shits and giggles?”

  5. When the shit hits the fan, remember, we occupy the land, the international banks and bankers live in jets and boats and hotels around the world. Sooner or later, the balance will turn in our favor and more and more people awaken to the theft. In general, people in times of emergency pull together in wonderful ways. Remember the greatest armada in the history of the world was New Yorkers of all stripes helping people escape the poisonous air borne pollution of 9/11, in San Diego during the 2005 fires came out in mass to help each other, people all over the country traveled to New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, etc.

  6. Just look how on September 11th (ironic I know) China dropped the dollar and are now trading oil in their own currency. The frightening thing is the mainstream are not making this a story.
    Something big is brewing.

    Keep safe all.

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