Investigation into Operation Fast and Furious/Gunrunner Continues

Every day it is becoming clearer that the Obama administration, not only had knowledge of, but condoned Operation Fast and Furious/Gunrunner, which in essence involved the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms running guns into Mexico for the drug cartels.  To pretend that Fast and Furious/Gunrunner was a botched operation rather than a criminal enterprise is becoming more ludicrous with each passing day.

Supposedly the idea was to allow the purchase of firearms by straw buyers and then follow the weapons to the drug cartels who were buying the guns from the straw buyers.  What is interesting about this whole fairy tale is that not one member of a drug cartel has been arrested for receiving the weapons and also not one straw buyer.

You might put forth the illusion that they couldn’t get the members of the drug cartel because they are Mexicans in Mexico.  However unless the rules are different for straw buyers, in order to purchase a gun in the United States you have to produce a photo ID, be fingerprinted, and undergo a background check.  This being so, when these thousands of firearms were recovered in Mexico, seemingly all the ATF would have to do is run the serial numbers of the guns against the background checks and wahla, the straw buyer is identified, who logically could then identify the individuals in the drug cartels that the guns were sold to.  That is unless these straw buyers were either working for the ATF or were the ATF.

Let’s look at the mechanics here.  The ATF goes into a gun store and tells the proprietor at noon tomorrow a man named “Raul Gomez” is going to come into your store to purchase six AK-47s and 20,000 rounds of ammunition and you will in no manner hamper the sale and you will also tell no one about this sale.  “Raul” then comes in the next day and buys the guns and ammo.  “Raul” then takes the guns down to the border where the border agents have been told to let “Raul” and the guns freely pass into Mexico, after which both disappear.  At this point it all breaks down because if you believe this fairy tale there was absolutely no contingency for following the guns after they crossed the border.

Meanwhile, back in the US, the call is going out across the land from the administration for tougher gun laws for the American people, using as an excuse ATF reports saying US citizens are acting as straw buyers and running guns into Mexico to the drug cartels, where they are causing the loss of thousands of lives.

Another thing we need to look at here is the money.  Last time I checked, gunrunning is a for-profit business.  And it has become common knowledge that the drugs being traded for guns are coming into the United States and being sold for hundreds of billions of dollars.  So who is getting all of that money?  “Raul”?  I don’t think so, and if you exclude “Raul”, who is left?  The ATF and the Obama administration?

Ask the question: Would they actually violate the laws they have been charged with enforcing?  Well absolutely.  Look at the illegal invasion.  The traitor Obama has actually come out and declared through executive order that the laws of we the people in reference to illegal entry into our country are not to be enforced.

And do you think that just maybe some of the hundreds of billions of dollars derived from the illegal drug trade might be being used to further finance the illegal invasion?  I mean in reality we have the same cast of characters, do we not?  And is not illegal immigration, gun running, and illegal drug trafficking unquestionably intertwined?  Do you not find elements of each with the other?

The fact is we probably would have never found out about Operation Fast and Furious/Gunrunner had it not been for the murder of our Border Agent Brian Terry, who was shot down with one of the ATF guns, which caused a couple of ATF agents to grow a conscience.

I guess the bottom line is if those ATF agents hadn’t have come forth, the gunrunning would still be going on at a fast and furious pace.  And so far the only repercussions being felt by these wanton criminals is that the criminal in charge has been promoted, I guess an act designed to let all new potential insurgents know that those who make war on the United States within the United States will be protected by the insurgents at the top.

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