A Review of Dick Cheney’s “In My Time”

The mainstream press has all but become Dick Cheney’s press agents in promoting Cheney and his memoirs, “In My Time”.  The list of crimes Dick Cheney has committed against the Constitution of the United States, the people of the United States, the peoples of the various countries around the world, and humanity in general would compose a much larger book than that of his memoirs.

Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton when elected as Vice-President of these United States in November of 2000.  He of course had to resign that position, with a $20 million severance package, before taking his oath, but the service he provided for Halliburton after becoming Vice-President cannot be denied.

After the illegal invasion of Iraq, justified through bald faced lies, Halliburton was given exclusives to contracts for the rebuilding of that country.  In carrying out these contracts Halliburton stole billions, some consisting of pallets stacked 6 feet high with hundred dollar bills just disappearing.  The fraud and abuse was blatant to the extreme.

Appearing before a Congressional Committee in 2004, Cheney was asked by Senator Patrick Leahy to produce the documentation showing where the missing billions in Iraq had gone to.  Cheney told Leahy “Go f$%k yourself” and hence telling the American people the same thing as it was our money that was stolen.

In fact Cheney made his career from blood and pain inflicted on peoples around the world and instead of being convicted as a war criminal for his wanton participation in the death and torture of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; he is now being idolized by the so called press.

Cheney is a monster.  We all remember when the photographs first surfaced from Abu Ghraib Prison looking like something right out of the Dark Ages.  We all remember the denials in every level of the government and the steadfast assertions that the United States of America does not engage in torture.  At the time water boarding was considered by the international community as torture, and of course Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the whole gang denied having anything to do with it.

Now after seven years of Nazi style propaganda condoning water boarding as a reasonable means of obtaining information, Dick Cheney has boldly come forth to say that he not only endorsed it then but does indeed endorse it today.  Of course the rest of the civilized world still lists water boarding as torture as it represents putting the victim through the horror of simulated drowning again and again.

Again, Dick Cheney is a monster who should have already been prosecuted by an international tribunal for crimes against humanity and sent to the gallows.  Only in the United States could this pathetic excuse for a human being be on a nationwide book tour to promote the lie of his existence.  Those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it and surely this is the intent.

By the time Dick Cheney left office the thinking population of this country were appalled with themselves for ever allowing such a sadist to be put into a position of power wherein he could perpetrate his evil in their name.  Now he is on a book tour which falls in step with the propaganda push to portray George W. Bush as another great American president in a long line of great American presidents.

Before anyone goes out and buys a copy of this degenerate’s book, you should stop and take a moment to think about the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that hundreds of thousands of unquestionably innocent men, women, and children were butchered by the Bush regime, which Dick Cheney played an intricate part in when it came to killing, as most of his previous career in the government was spent in the arenas of killing people in other countries for money.

As to those in the mainstream media, the deepest shame on you.  You might as well be singing the praises of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao su tang.  You are not journalists but must be considered propagandists of the sleaziest sort.  Not only does truth not mean anything to you, but in fact human life does not.  May you be standing at Dick Cheney’s side when he faces his judgment before God and may you be receive the same mercy Cheney’s victims received.

God protect the innocents.

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  1. Mark,

    That’s very informative. If we didn’t know better we might suspect opportunistic collusion and criminal misuse of the privilege of entrusted power. Do you think maybe….nah…never mind. It’s just the paranoid delusions of an intellectually inferior and ignorant taxpayer. Sorry for even suggesting such a thing. I probably need to be retrained in newthink. Now where did I put that manual?

    1. Brian-

      Yes, Tricky Dick Cheney has committed more crimes against America than many of locked up prisoners at pelican bay max security federal prison. This is where this criminal belongs. Yet, he relaxes at his comfortable retirement chateau with fat Halliburtan and federal pensions, and millions of stolen tax dollars in the bank.

        1. I keep leaving out articles..That would be A panty raid. (What…am I turning Russian? Is there something in the water?)

  2. Evil Dick Cheney is indeed a monster. He is one of the most evil figures in all of history.
    He has destroyed America’s soul. He feeds off chaos, war, misery, death & disaster.
    Dick Cheney creates destruction where ever he goes. Cheney really is a figure of
    demonic, anti-human Evil incarnate. And he can’t hide it. He doesn’t even try. He
    boasts of his criminality, his Power, his role as the Destroyer, the Despoiler, the Tyrant.

    Evil Dick will not get his just reward here in this life. We can only hope that there is
    a next world, and that in the place Dick will get what he has been begging for: Divine
    Judgement & savage retribution. The blood of the innocents he has shed demands
    no less.

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