Lies and Slavery or Truth and Freedom, Your Choice

We are hearing at nauseum that all we have to do to get jobs in the United States is make the corporate elite feel secure.  So how do we do that?  One theory says that we should end all corporate tax and regulation.  Well I suppose that would make them feel secure, but who out there really believes that this actually has a damn thing to do with jobs in the USA or the lack thereof?

If we end corporate taxation and deregulate I guess the corporations would be secure in that they would be free to move the rest of our manufacturing out of the United States, without consequence, while the rest of the citizens in this country, at least those still fortunate to have a job, could have their taxes increased in order to pay for this fraudulent government completely from the 10% of the wealth that 90% of us have been left to live on.  But then again as this government is nothing more than a pipeline from the workers’ pocket to the corporate elitists’ offshore bank account, that 10% would soon dissipate to 1% which would cover the fodder for the slaves in our third world USA.

An economist on FOX Business said that if minimum wage would have kept pace with CEO compensation, minimum wage today would be $22 per hour.  And of course Charles Payne gasped and said we don’t want to go there, not because he was shocked by the enormous increases in CEO pay, but rather by the idea that the tiny portion a working person might get might rise in proportion.

We have to understand these slime balls are operating under some premise that says they are somehow better and more deserving than we are, to the point that a hundred foot yacht is standard for the rich, while the poor walk or ride a bus.

I saw one report out of Libya in reference to the excesses being enjoyed by Muammar Gaddafi and his family.  One reporter went on Gaddafi’s private jet and just acted aghast at the luxury displayed.  Again, the hypocrisy when it was suggested that we might cut subsidies for the filthy rich American CEOs’ private jets, those who rebuked us said these people need this sort of transportation in order to conduct their business around the world.  But the head of a country does not?

The reporters in Libya continued to harp on, condemning Gaddafi and his family for living lives of luxury, while the people of Libya were suffering deprivation.  It was just so wrong when the Gaddafis were doing it to the Libyan people, but then again oh so right, when the CEOs in the United States are doing the same thing to our people.

Do they really think we are this goddamn stupid?  These elitist scum bags think they can literally dictate our conceptions to us from one propaganda piece to another and think we are too stupid to make the simplest connection.

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands more of our jobs are going the way of the dodo bird and you watch what they offer as solutions.  Billions more in tax breaks and subsidized labor for these corporate slobs riding around in their flying pleasure palaces.

Meanwhile the best the propagandists can do is attack Ron Paul, and for what?  The worse thing they can say about him is that he is going to do what he says he will do.  He is going to shut down FEMA, Oh no!  And they are attacking him because they know he intends to do what he says.  I guess they figure we the people want another politician who is going to tell us a bunch of lies and pick up where Obama leaves off as soon as he or she gets into office.

Think about it.  The worse thing that can be said about Ron Paul is that he is telling the truth.  It might be a hard truth, but by God it is the truth.  And if we want our Republic back I’m afraid we will have to face the truth and deal with the elephants sitting in our laps.  The alternative is submitting to a life of slavery in the third world USA.  This is just a fact that no person who can read and comprehend can deny.

So I guess the decision is simple.  Do you want the Republic back under the Constitution through the leadership of a man telling the truth?  Or do you want the final destruction of our country, complete with famine and slavery, through the following of yet another liar?

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. It will interesting to see if HR 589 or us 99ers even get mentioned in Soetoro’s speech on September 8th. Fourteen weeks would get us close to the end of the year and then put us right back to where we are now in the middle of the Winter. I wonder how many of us long term unemployed will survive long enough to elect Ron Paul President. If any other GOP candidate is elected or if Soetoro is re-elected, I am thoroughly convinced that the United States of America is done for.

        1. You missed the point. They want civil unrest so they can finish implementing their police state. What they do not want is a straight up revolution for the reinstitution of the Constitution.
          Riots for jobs, yes. This is their ideal situation, then they can step in and offer us a socialist utopia. And if things go according to plan, we will be desperate enough to accept.
          On the other hand a revolution would result in not only their removal from power, but their prosecution for treason. In short they are gambling on a percentage of stupidity within our ranks.

          1. Henry,

            What you say above expresses the only logical train of thought that explains what is happening. My conclusions are the same. As far as gambling on a certain amount of stupidity etc. …well…’nuff said.

            Not a pretty picture for anyone regardless of economic status. Obviously the steerage compartments flood first but the ship still goes down…for everybody. So who’s ultimately truly stupid?

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