Iranians Take to the Streets in Step with Egypt and Tunisia

How will the Iranian government react as Green Movement protesters take to the streets of Tehran today?  The Green Movement was formed in Iran in response to the 2009 elections which they believed were rigged in favor of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 

Iranian reformist leader Mehdi Karroubi has been placed under house arrest after seeking government permission to hold the anti-government rallies.  He is reportedly being denied access to communication, although a statement did come out on his blog proclaiming that the rally would go forth.

Some are accusing the Iranian government of hypocrisy as it has openly praised the uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia. 

When the Green Movement first organized and took to the streets it was being speculated that our CIA and Israel’s Mossad were working within Iran to perpetuate the unrest.  Iran is of course notably an enemy of Israel and as a consequence the United States. 

I believe that the fact that most of the signs the Green Movement protesters were carrying in 2009 were written in English and evidently designed for American consumption, lends credence to the assertion that our government is involved behind the scenes.  It will be interesting to see if the protesters in the streets today are sporting signs written in English. 

It seems that every faction looking to overthrow a sovereign government in the Middle East is seeking the assistance of the United States and this would be a logical route to take as our actions in Iraq and Afghanistan indicate that it is indeed our goal to topple governments in the region.  And who knows, with a little manipulation we might get into a couple more wars that we can’t afford. 

Whatever happened to people just minding their own business?  Oh yeah, that’s right, globalism.  In observing the activities of the global elite on the world scene today it is apparent that global unrest is at the top of their agenda.  As to what benefits this can bring, well it is really old hat, it’s called, order out of chaos.  The theory being that if you can create a situation wherein the people become desperate to regain stability you can offer viable solutions that they might otherwise not consider, like a one world order. 

The people taking to the streets out of the blue do seem to be doing so with little or no plans in reference to an end goal and a procedure for obtaining it.  The only thing I am left wondering is when all the pieces are going to be put together and we the American people, who have probably financed all this crap, can find out what it was really all about in the big scheme of things.

God protect us from our protectors.

0 thoughts on “Iranians Take to the Streets in Step with Egypt and Tunisia

  1. You think too much of yourselves. Iranian people want the west to stop their support of this regime. believe it or not, if you guys really minded your own business we would have had a better lives now. our democratically elected government in 53 was toppled by US and again in 1979, the democratic movement was high jacked by mullahs who were the west’s proxies and derailed it to an Islamic one. because they did not want Soviet Union to put their hand on Iran. Now if you guys want to help stop all dealings with Iran and people of Iran will do the rest.

    1. Farhad,
      I can appreciate your care and loyalty for your country. Nothing would please me more than putting a fifty foot wall around my country and having nothing to do with the rest of the world from now until eternity.
      You say I should tell my government to cut off all business with Iran and I’m sure you don’t give a rat’s ass what that might cost the American people. We are already paying over $3 per gallon for gas, but hey, if we can advance the goals of other peoples in other countries, I guess no sacrifice is too great.
      The fact is I have no more control over my government than you do over yours, but I believe people of the United States will reinstitute our Constitution and be free again soon. The people of Iran might want to get a copy of our Constitution and study it carefully as it is in my opinion the only true path to freedom existing on our planet today.

  2. You showed egyption protests as iranian.We hate your thoughts, because you want to clashes in our dear country. All iranian people, child or old, woman or man, believer or nonbeliever LOVE their country. BE SURE

  3. The Iranian Green Movement protesters are not democratic group , because they are a little of Iranian people, but they are not believe all of Iranian. you can to see the millions of Iranian in 3 days before in all city of Iran (22 Bahman , 11 Feb 2011). the green movement have a delirium and hallucination.

    1. Now there’s a great testimony to the value of the “50 foot wall”! Yeah Rick! That’s the best fantasy I’ve had in years!

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