IRS Report Shows Heavily Armed Agents Simulate Assault On Suburban Home

Valiant News – by Andrew White

In the Internal Revenue Service 2021 annual report, IRS Criminal Investigation special agents can be observed simulating an armed assault on a suburban home at the agency’s National Criminal Investigation Training Academy (NCITA), located within the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Brunswick, Georgia.

According to the IRS, these IRS-CI agents are “are among the most highly trained financial investigators in the world” and train for 6 months.

While training at the NCITA, new IRS-CI special agents begin an 11-week Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP) run by FLETC, where they learn firearms training and other traditional law enforcement tactics.

“CITP covers topics common to all federal law enforcement agents, including basic criminal investigation skills, federal criminal law, courtroom procedures, enforcement operations, interviewing skills, and firearms training,” the IRS report states.

While conducting firearms training, IRS-CI special agents wear tactical clothing that reads “POLICE” and “IRS-CI.”

Read the rest and see the pics here:

12 thoughts on “IRS Report Shows Heavily Armed Agents Simulate Assault On Suburban Home

  1. hope they are taught first aid …and how to administer it to ones self , because i aint gonna help em , hell i might just piss in the wounds, send your single, un married ,with no kids!, because if you dont someone else is going to be with your wife and raising your kids … because its not going to be as easy as you think , y’all just started a war with the people the Russians and Japs wouldnt even fuk with !

    traitors death to all that ignore the BOR!

  2. So, now we confirm what they intended for all that extra “Hardware” and brass they’ve been buying.

  3. Memo to these so-called “agents” (thugs is more like it)–when you “simulate” an attack on the rural remote of far west Texas (and other spots), watch out for mountain lions…and bears, and coyotes, and rattle snakes…..

  4. “”Its time to start simulating assaults on several agencies. Don’t worry government, its JUST a drill””….,, I read the story , and the comments left .. i like this one

  5. here is a bit of advice , if they storm your home …light that bitch on fire ..every fucing room ..

    1. I disagree.
      Fire is slow.
      If they storm your goddamn house, make your response instant and so f-king devastating that if they do ever approach the next house, their assholes will be shivering inside.
      If you are going to be a bear, be a grizzly.

  6. Also on torching FLAMETHROWER!!! If you CAN afford to fuel it! Do a backburn around your Property and your neighbors too and theyll thank you!!LOL

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