Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?

The Telegraph – by Raf Sanchez

A knife-wielding intruder allowed to run rampant through the first floor of the White House. Bullets that struck the window of Barack Obama’s private residence but went unnoticed for days. A presidential bodyguard so drunk he passed out in hallway of a hotel.

These are just some of the recent incidents that have shaken confidence in the Secret Service, the elite agency assigned to protect Mr Obama, his family and the White House.

On Tuesday, Julia Pierson, the Secret Service’s director, will face a grilling from members of Congress and a battle to convince them that her agents are up to the task of protecting the world’s most powerful man.

The hearing was called after a September 19 incident, when the Secret Service allowed Omar Gonzales, a troubled Iraq war veteran, to scale the White House fence and go through the unlocked front door of the executive mansion.

Gonzales, who was carrying a knife in his pocket, was apparently intent on warning Mr Obama that “the atmosphere was collapsing”.

Footage shows him limping across the White House’s north lawn, unchallenged by agents on the ground or the sharpshooters on the roof.

He then burst past a guard and ran through the White House’s first floor before finally being tackled in the East Room, a gilded space where Mr Obama often gives speeches and press conferences, according to the Washington Post.

But members of Congress will have questions about the Secret Service’s competence beyond this month’s incident.

Gonzales was arrested in July with 11 guns in his car, including high-power rifles with scopes, and a map on which he had drawn a line to the White House. He was let free but weeks later was stopped outside the White House with a hatchet tucked inside his trousers. Again, he was let go.

His breach of the White House’s elaborate security perimeter is just the latest in a series of mistakes made by an agency that prides itself on silent professionalism.

In 2011, a gunman opened fire on the White House with a semi-automatic rifle. Seven rounds hit the walls and windows of the First Family’s residence while the Obama’s youngest daughter, Sasha, was inside.

Agents reported shots were fired but supervisors told them to stand down and the gunman sped away. It wasn’t until four days later that a cleaner noticed broken glass and the Secret Service realised the White House had been struck. Both Mr Obama and his wife, Michelle, were furious at their bodyguards’ handling of the incident, according to the Washington Post.

The American public first learned the phrase “wheels up party” in 2012. The term refers to agents’ often-drunken celebrations in a foreign country after a successful overseas trip by the President.

But during Mr Obama’s visit to Cartegena, Colombia, his bodyguards didn’t wait until the President had left town. Eleven agents were sent home after some allegedly drank and slept with prostitutes in the week leading up to Mr Obama’s visit. The Secret Service promised reform but a similar incident unfolded in Amsterdam in March when one agent was so drunk they passed out in a hotel hallway.

Less than a year after Mr Obama took office in 2009, he hosted a lavish state dinner for the Indian prime minister, inviting many of Washington’s most notable figures to attend.

But among the dignitaries were Michaele and Tareq Salahi, a Virginia couple who had dressed up for the event but had no invitation. They passed easily through the Secret Service cordon and photos later showed them smiling alongside Mr Obama and his top aides.

The ease with which the “party crashers” entered the White House exposed the Secret Service to ridicule but also raised serious questions about security.

Mr Obama is said to face an unprecedented level of death threats – both from right-wing extremists and Islamist militants – and the misfires by the Secret Service have dented the agency’s projection of invincibility.

Publicly, the White House insists it still has faith in the President’s phalanx of bodyguards.

“Their task is incredible, and the burden that they bear is incredible,” said Tony Blinken, a senior presidential aide. “The Secret Service is investigating this and they will take any steps necessary to correct any deficiency.”

But Ms Pierson will struggle to convince sceptical members of Congress that the President’s life is in safe hands, said Ronald Kessler, author of In the President’s Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect.

“There’s nothing she can do to dispel the obvious conclusion that the Secret Service is crumbling,” he said.

29 thoughts on “Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?

  1. Is it the competence of the secret service or the administration that should be questioned. who is giving the stand down orders? The snipers on the roof were surly given stand down orders. That or someone gave them a picnic on the roof as a distraction. Besides with what the secret service has to put up with with this administration no wonder there’s holes in the paper sack. This by no means should be an excuse, I’m just saying.

  2. I don’t think I’d like to put my life in the hands of an autonomous organization referred to as the “secret service”. I’ll bet JFK wishes he wouldn’t have.

    1. JFK was dead man from the moment he spoke of releasing info on prev gov activities & for back up he pissed off the bankers = dead man walking.

      Notice how the Dollar says Fed reserve note; switched shortly after he was off’d

  3. My Fellow Americans,

    From The Article:

    “Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?”


    One can only hope that Criminal Obama is “JFK-Safe” with the SS (yes,… notice how the Secret Service has the same intials as Hitler’s personal guard)

    JD – US Marines – Even if the SS did their job, and exterminated Criminal Obama,… that solves nothing. The SS need to eliminate Israel, International Banksters, and the Rothchilds to actually protect this country,… but protecting America is not actually their job, now is it.


  4. The Amateur:

    Six years is a long time in the quest for Rookie of the Year award, but it is what it is. With the support of the fawning, and ideologically joined at the hip press, Obama has managed to mull his way through 6 years of letting himself be clear on nearly every issue known to man. That clarity has brought us close to national economic ruin, devastation from a self inflicted nuke wound, numerous scandals all of which are kicked down the road for examination when the pyramids of our age are uncovered by future generations who happen upon the ruins of our civilization (like the Mayans). Obama has been buying time like it were bridges to Brooklyn or swampland in Florida. He spends copious amounts of money and future money assuring that our lives get harder and those of his friends get more luxurious, all the while proclaiming that “hope and change” have worked wondrously well. This from the man whose future is still looking across the hallway knowing that Michelle lurks behind that other bedroom door. Makes one shudder in sympathy for the man, almost.

    We may not be looking at the devil here but we certainly are witness to his handiwork. Makes you ponder on what really was so wrong about old George W. when you consider how Bathhouse Barry has ruined our reputation in the world. Cowboys have a code, commies probably do too.

    – Dr. Jim Garrow –
    . . .

    1. Hi Cathleen,

      Although Garrow trys to appear like he’s an “insider”,.. giving information to us “outsiders”,… nothing could be further from the truth.

      Garrow is simply another Dis-information prop,.. right along the same lines as Alex Jones, Lindsey Willaims, Fletcher Prouty, and the like.

      I have listened to Garrow on many occassions,… and slowly but surely,.. he gives away the true nature of his objective (to lie) every time he opens his mouth. Sometimes its subtle, other times,… he proves unequivocally, he’s a propaganda assets, to,.. in his own words,…. rewrite the history of events (he’s covering for the Low-life scumbag Zionist/International-Jews, and their real crimes here in America,.. and around the world.)

      Sorry for the bad news,.. I know Garrow comes across as, “sincere”,.. but that is exactly why! he was picked to be the particular assset that he is.

      JD – US Marines – This is the nature of the deviousness of the International-Jews,… layers of Dis-inforamtion and propaganda agents intalled in every channel of communication and information access. Garrow,.. is low-life scumbag like his brethren jew assets.

      PS: Cathleen,… notice in Garrows little diatribe you posted how he does NOT mention the most critical factors, such as the Jews running the Federal Reserve, the Jews running the World Bank, IMF, the UN, the BIS,… how Israel is trying to committ America to WW3, how Israel wants Iran invaded, how Israel wants Syria invaded, how Israal is committing MASSIVE War-Crimes and Crimes-Against-Humanity in Palestine,… and how this country has ALREADY been infiltrated, subverted and overthrown from within,.. by the International/Zionist Jew and Israel,… seeing a pattern here? – JD


  5. The whole staged White House intruder event was designed to beef up security for Obama. Now they’ll probably make him have militarized or Blackwater type security around him and the White House at all times. After all, Dear Leader has to be protected. Hope the bastard hangs! 😡

    1. Hi NC,


      This is no different that when the Emperor of China declared the Royal Palace as sacred ground, and that anyone entering it without express permission,.. was put to death,… and they have already made an example of Mariam Carrey to impress this upon the American sheeple.

      When the time arrives to remove this Enemy-Force-In-Occupation, HQ’d in Washington DC,… none of those extra security details will matter.

      JD – US Marines – I guess the puppet emperor, Criminal Obama,.. is tired of having the peasants entering “his” house!


  6. They are the secret service. Americas best police. None better in America. Now is thetime for I Goverment to think about what the poor tax payer has in police on the street!

    1. Hi James,

      Yes,.. you are correct,.. the US Secret Service really is the “best police”,… at PERPETRATING Treason, Sedition, Aiding & Abetting the Communist/Zionist Enemy-Occuption-Force now residing in Washington DC!

      By the mere act of protecting that Fake, that Fraud, that War-Criminal, Barry Sotoro,.. they have COMPLETELY,… and KNOWINGLY,.. committed Sedition and Treason, among the HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of other crimes they commit daily as part of their job duties.. bar none.

      The Secret Service – America’s replication of Stalin’s personal body guards called the “Okharana” and later, “The Kremlin Guards”,… a group of true pyschopaths,.. just like these low-life scumbags guarding a War-Criminal, Mass-Muder,.. Barry Sotoro (aka: Ocrapo).


  7. “…a battle to convince them that her agents are up to the task of protecting the world’s most powerful man.


    World’s most powerful man??? Seriously? I’m sure Yahoo thinks so.

    Better yet, Lord Rothschild.

  8. “Is Barack Obama’s life safe in the Secret Service’s hands?”

    We damn well better hope so.

    Biden would be even worse, imo.

    1. Obama is about as safe as a guy who lives in a strip club with bouncers (even a gay club in his case) as that’s where the Secret Service seem to hang out these days. It’s been one prostitution racket after another with those agents. I guess that’s what happens when you are protecting the “world’s most powerful man”. 🙄

    1. If that’s the case, why don’t they just secretly get together and hang his ass over the White House balcony and get it over with? Then they can call it a day, go to the strip club and enjoy what’s left of their pathetic lives.

  9. This guy didn’t get by security or the snipers by accident. This whole incident reeks of a staged event. ( even the controlled press gasps with phony disbelief that this man got past security).

    Think about it, the staff disconnected the alarm, because it was loud and annoying. Really? I’m seeing grainy footage of him running up to the front door. Again, really? No armed guards as with the unmovable gate keepers of the queen of England? The snipers, were they asleep at the switch? Is this not the type of incident that they live for? Perhaps they are looking for a mom with a baby in the back seat, that lost her way. Perhaps that’s why they didn’t see this guy. Yeah that’s it.

    This whole contrived story is BS as far as I’m concerned. Make the nation feel sorry for the DICKtator, and his freeloading off the ‘taxpayers’ family. He just wants to build a giant concrete wall around ‘his’ house and keep the lowly people away from his palace. Constitutional professor… Haha. My arse. Has the ‘under new management’ banner been hung yet?

      1. Now the head of Secret Service is appearing before Congress.

        Someone’s head is going to deliberately roll along with her crew and make room for who knows what.
        . . .

        1. Blackwater or some private military group. You can bet on it. This is to pave the way for some private military security in the U.S. The elite need the Secret Service abolished and have a corporate controlled military security group in charge. Aka Mercenaries.

          1. I believe the secret service was due for a job cut for quite some time now. This ties into all the negative press they got going a couple of years back. I think you’re right. They will be replaced by mercenaries. This has got to be stopped. If not, we are going to see history repeat itself. This cannot stand!

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