Is this what our Republic is or what it always has been?

Published on Feb 17, 2016

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump stepped up his defense of enhanced interrogation techniques when dealing with terror detainees, saying “torture works.”

7 thoughts on “Is this what our Republic is or what it always has been?

  1. Well we, and hundreds of experts all know that torture doesn’t work, but instead the torture victim says anything he thinks will stop the pain. I guess it’s good for extracting false confessions, but it’s not good for collecting information of any value.

    I watched the video because it was only a couple minutes, and this may be the first time I’ve paid even that much attention to Trump. I couldn’t help noticing that he acts like a flaming homo. Look at the body language. That man’s as queer as a three dollar bill.

  2. I know i have a hearing loss, but dam .. the silent video of Trump was a nice touch.. yeah I’d rather not hear what he had to say , because like all bullshitters , its all lies

  3. It’s stuff like this that stupid fake patriots cry out for, the complete destruction of OUR Bill of Rights. They want to give up MY unalienable rights by supporting aholes like this. They don’t have that right and they support the commie agenda by doing so. They deserve the same love and respect as those that have set it in motion.

  4. Thank You for posting this video. Without even giving it much thought one can see how immoral Trump is. It angers me deeply, knowing this will lead some people down the wrong path standing behind Trump without seeing the big picture. If one would bare in mind there is evil in this world they would be less likely deceived.

  5. WOW! Someone torture this asshole right now and we’ll see how fast he changes his mind.

    He complains that they are chopping off heads, yet he doesn’t tell everyone that his mercenary minions, order by the Zionist Jews, are the ones invading and chopping off heads in the first place. So he’s basically saying that his mercenaries are invading and chopping off heads and the country being invaded is supposed to sit there do nothing? What kind of f**ked up logic is that?


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