Israel Will Attack Iran

The State of Israel has come forth to declare that they fully intend to attack the sovereign country of Iran and have even indicated a timeframe, which would be sometime between April and October of this year.  And of course it is being asserted emphatically by our Zionist controlled government that the United States will enter this war literally the day after the Israeli attack.

This is an absolute affirmation of the fact that the United States has become the servant of the Zionist State of Israel and that we the people are disenfranchised.  The very notion that we still have a representative government has become a running joke around the planet and even into the third world.

Leon Panetta and company, last week, put out a statement that said that the United States is in imminent threat of a nuclear attack from Iran.  We must understand the absurdity of this assertion.  All credible evidence points to the fact that Iran, not only does not have a nuclear bomb, but is at least a year away from being able to enrich uranium to the level needed for an operational weapon.

The Israeli Zionists and their fifth column in the United States government attempted to get a UN resolution to authorize an invasion into Syria.  The Russians and Chinese vetoed it.  What the mainstream media is failing to tell the people is the most important fact in this whole Middle East issue.  And that is that the Russians and Chinese have become fed up with the American backed Israeli empire building in the Middle East.

I believe the heightened aggression being displayed by the Zionists in Israel is a direct affect of the growing discontent of the American people and our assertion that we want our Republic back, free of Israeli Zionist control.  I think the power structure in our federal government is being told that either they eliminate Ron Paul and his supporters as the threat we represent to the State of Israel, or they will attack Iran and propel us into World War III.  And there can be no doubt that the dual citizen Israeli Americans, who have planted themselves deep within our power structure, could accomplish this feat.

The US government is looking at a scenario in which they blatantly nullify the will of our people, enforce another four years of Barack Obama, or risk an uprising from the people in the face of an invasion into Iran that the majority clearly want no part of.  This is why indefinite detention, expatriation, and executive ordered murder have been put into place.

If the Israelis do strike and the people balk and begin to rise up, we will see a KGB style police state in full swing overnight.  All accommodations have been made.  The FEMA camps are being manned and foreign troops are being trained for an attempt at confiscating our weapons.

The propagandists are doing everything in their power to try to sell the lie that we the people want another international elitist for our next president.  But this lie is failing miserably and is not procuring the desired effect, which is a fear that can only be eliminated through complacency.  The people are not just shutting up and accepting the fraud as a fate accompli.

Last Friday Piers Morgan tried to attack Dr. Paul in reference to his assertion that the United States should not be the world’s police.  Mr. Morgan tried to say that the United States has a moral obligation to attack the enemies of Israel.

Dr. Paul countered by saying, “Why shouldn’t they depend on the British, why doesn’t the British take care of them, they have a lot of influence over there.  Let all the British kids go ever there and die.”  He then said, “Why is it assumed that we are the policemen of the world, that it is our obligation?

Mr. Morgan quickly changed the subject as he had been overwhelmed by the logic that the propagandists are working so hard to keep from the public eye.

We have a scenario for disaster on two fronts now and it is becoming increasingly clear that the elite intend to stop Ron Paul at all costs.  This being said, if blood must be spilled to decide the issue of freedom and liberty for we the people, let it be the blood of the treasonous tyrants operating within our midst.  There are not that many of them and if they can be justly eliminated, the world might be able to find a path to peace.

God help us to make the right choices in the midst of the chaos.

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  1. Just like the case was in Libya, the fools who support invading Syria and Iran don’t realize the real reasons behind it. Anyone who doesn’t see Israel for the aggressive nation it is are damn fools. Iran has done nothing wrong. I’m glad that at least Russia and China aren’t standing for this nonsense.

  2. Looks like the writing is on the wall…. This goes way beyond a nuclear threat, it goes to complete Middle East domination. Funny how the propagandists never weave their BS into that direction. China is far more of any kind of a threat to America than Iran, unbelievable…..

    “WASHINGTON — In a fresh swipe at Iran, President Barack Obama has ordered new sanctions on the Islamic republic, including its Central Bank, moving to enforce a law he signed in December.

    In a letter to Congress Monday, Obama said more sanctions are warranted “particularly in light of the deceptive practices of the Central Bank of Iran and other Iranian banks.” He said the problems included the hiding transactions of sanctioned parties, the deficiencies of Iran’s anti-money laundering regime and the unacceptably high risk posed to the entire international financial system posed by Iran’s activities.

    The Central Bank sanctions were included as an amendment in the wide-ranging defense bill Obama signed into law at the end of 2011. The White House said Obama signed the executive order approving the sanctions on Sunday.

    The new measures come as the White House tries to both ratchet up pressure on Tehran to abandon its nuclear program and dissuade Israel from launching a unilateral strike on Iran, a move that could roil the Middle East and jolt the global economy.

    Obama said Sunday that he does not believe Israel has yet decided whether to attack Iran. The president said he still believes a diplomatic solution is possible.

    Iran insists its nuclear pursuit is for peaceful purposes, but the West accuses Iran of developing the know-how to build a nuclear bomb. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta last week would not dispute a report that he believes Israel may attack Iran this spring in an attempt to set back the Islamic republic’s nuclear program.

    In recent weeks, both the U.S. and European Union have imposed harsher sanctions on Iran’s oil sector, the lifeblood of its economy.

    In Washington, the Senate Banking Committee easily approved yet more penalties on Tehran last week. The sweeping measure, which is not yet law, would target Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, require companies that trade on the U.S. stock exchanges to disclose any Iran-related business to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and expand penalties for energy and uranium mining joint ventures with Tehran.”

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