Israeli Military Official: The Upcoming War on Gaza Will Be Greater

Zen Gardner

[They call this on-going mass slaughter of innocents a war? A war needs two armies, this is mechanized murder. If world leaders stand idly by again they will pay a very dear price as their karmic cup is full. Interesting to note this demon Eizenberg is named Eval. You’re not kidding. – Z]


Israeli occupation military officer said that “the upcoming war on Gaza will be greater, and will down more victims,” Israeli sources say.  

Eyal Eizenberg, Israeli Occupation Army Home Front Command, in a lecture in The Institute for National Security Studies (Tel Aviv University), said that “the recent assault on Gaza is not at all similar to the upcoming war that the Israeli army is preparing for.”

Eizenberg added that “the future war will require stronger abilities and more sacrifices to pay a bigger price.”

Finally he added that “the main lesson we got from the Gaza assault was represented in the necessity of readiness of the home front, and the ability to provide services to the people in cases of emergency.”  Source


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