Japanese Officials Finally Admit to Radioactive Water Gushing into the Pacific

It has been more than three weeks since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan that facilitated the failure of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.  Over those three weeks we have been given small measures of information designed to belittle and minimize the true magnitude of this catastrophe.  Last week it was finally revealed that radiation was getting into the Pacific Ocean, leading to us finding out about the existence of a crack in the piping system that has been gushing radioactive water into the Pacific since the first day.

They really do not give us any credit for intelligence.  We are supposed to believe that it took them two weeks to discover the radiation going into the Pacific.  For this to be true it would have to be reasoned that radiation was only being monitored on one side of the plant and not at all in the ocean. 

The fact is if the authorities would have given us the full measure of the magnitude of the disaster on the fourth day when they had to have known, it would have been a lot to digest in such a short time.  But I guess they know what is best for us.

It was reported that fishing would have to be halted until a cleanup of the ocean could be affected.  This assertion is so ludicrous as to defy reality.  I guess they will just draw an imaginary line and say this part of the ocean was contaminated, spray it with some chemical that is probably as bad for us as the radiation, call the cleanup complete, and allow the fishing and export of that product to resume.  Do they really think we are that stupid?

By now the ocean currents has to have carried the radioactive materials halfway across the Pacific giving a dose to every fish between here and there, and to every bird that has eaten a fish and every land mammal that has eaten a bird.

It is also reported that radiation is showing up in the milk in Washington, Oregon, and California.  But not to worry, it is just a small amount.  I don’t care what any so called expert comes on this site and says.  Mark my words, ten years from now when our children start falling victim to cancer as a result of the Japanese radiation getting into the U.S. food chain, the so called experts will be coming out and saying that it is affecting so few that it must be considered minute in reference to the entire population.  Of course those dying of the cancers will not be considering their role as a statistic as minute in any way. 

More now than ever the elitists are trying to move the population of the United States into a herd mentality wherein we cease to care about our fellow citizens as individuals.  Those of you who are thinking along these lines had better consider the possibility that it may just be you or one of your loved ones who winds up being one of those statistics of insignificance. 

Of course to even continue allowing these nuclear power plant death machines to operate will require a further deemphasizing of the value of human life.  But then there has been a growing trend in putting potential wealth before potential life for many years now.  Don’t be fooled.  Radioactivity kills human beings.  It is in no way good for us and the people of Japan are liable for the actions or inactions of their government which they have allowed to exist and rule.

When you feel like you are being lied to, know that there are plenty of reasons to perpetuate the lie; about 58 billion of them in loan guarantees to the nuclear corporations for a start.  I cannot believe that those in power think they can just cause something as horrendous as the meltdown at the Fukushima Plant to fade into obscurity as the America people stand idly by waiting to see who among us is going to die a horrible death as a result.

The people of this planet do not need nuclear energy and to say otherwise is retarded.

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  1. japan, with all due respect to the world community. Radiation workers should use shredded newspaper, sawdust, (shredded . Hemp) and a polymer to plug leakes in the reactor water pumps. Hemp is the missing compound to bind to the radioactive mixture. These types of leaks have to be contained using any method available so I hope you try this.

  2. Deep oil rig leaks oil shut them all down. Nuclear radiation leaking accross the globe down play it and keep ALL Nuclear sites open and expanding building new or more sites??
    Is it so hard to understand that wind and solar energy may cost the makers a little on their margins but save millions of lives in a disaster? Are all you people stupid or something?

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