4 thoughts on “Jewish Support for Communism

  1. Without even watching the video, I just HAVE to ask…

    … why the hell WOULDN’T they support what THEY created???

  2. Great video! Very well done.

    The only thing I would have added is a brief demonstration that “Christian Zionism” is incompatible with the Bible. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, there is no denying that “Christian Zionism” is directly contradicted by many Bible passages. Galatians 3:7 and 3:28-29 are probably the most obvious, and John 8:37-44 is also perfectly clear, but there are many others.

    In Genesis 12:3 God isn’t speaking to Jews as a whole, but to ONE MAN: Abraham. The “great nation” referred to in that verse is synonymous with “Abraham’s children,” whom Paul explicitly and unmistakably identifies in Chapter 3 of Galatians as CHRISTIANS.

    The work of Stephen Sizer on this topic is well worth reading and sharing with the deceived and ignorant. Some PDFs are here:


  3. the new testament totally destroys the idea of the jews being “Gods chosen people”. judeochristians usually stick to the old testament.i wonder why?

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