6 thoughts on “Jews Are Very Smart!

  1. How smart? Smarter than everyone else?

    No, they just excel at talking shit. There are reasons for it.
    One product our company sold was made in Israel. The ‘engineer’ would come to sales meetings to do various training. It quickly became evident that he wasn’t technically knowledgeable about most of the product (the long timers I worked with knew far more than he did), but boy, could he talk shit.
    We all knew he was full of shit, but then one day we were golfing (he chose not to, assuming that he had no athletic abilities), on the 15th green (it was surrounded by corn fields), this weirdo stepped out from the cornfield, dirty, disheveled, and obviously freaked out, and looked at us with a huge sigh of relief (was he spying and got lost or was he just a freak looking for a cow to screw… we didn’t know).
    We all just laughed and kept putting.
    I doubt he was smarter than the dumbest of us.


    1. Who put the “oy” in the “oy-she-goy-she-vey” who put the “oy” in the yamawangadingdong?

      (for those old timers on here who listened to 50s rockabilly)

  2. Smart enough to bamboozle the majority of the dumbed-down sheeple in this country, anyway.

    Especially the idiot ZIONIST (so-called) Christians.

  3. Lacking any moral compass isn’t a sign of intelligence, it’s an indication of being a psychopath. We all got the smarts enough to do it, we simply don’t because we know it’s wrong. Those that aren’t psychopaths have difficulty in detecting them because that type of behavior is inconceivable to them. When it is a group of psychopaths hiding behind a “religion”, a mask of benevolence, and a metric F ton of bs propaganda, realizing it is infinitesimally more difficult. This is also the reason why simpleminded people continue to support chump and and the nonexistence of voting.

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