0 thoughts on “Jim Rogers: "Prepare for a lost decade or more"

  1. Henry,

    So I guess it’s really very simple isn’t it? It’s all about “the market”! Who cares if the social and economic fabric of the nation unfolds into a tattered remnant of its former self and mayhem and anarchy spread rampant chaos and human suffering throughout the land?

    Who cares if we produce nothing but numbers derived from numbers?

    And to think…I’ve actually been concerned about our disintegrating infrastructure, our states falling into insolvency and our industry disappearing leaving an ever growing multitude of millions homeless and destitute!

    I feel so much better now! We who were born into the working classes are just too ignorant to understand the big picture. “I can see clearly now….the rain is gone!”

    1. Hell, we’ve got it made Brian. People in Africa, who are also having their resources raped, only get $2 a day to starve on. No brother, they’re on to us and the lavish life styles we are living. And just think of how much more they could have if we would just accept the natural order and become the complicit slaves we were born to be.
      I’m sorry but you have been looking at things all wrong in thinking about life in terms of industry, standard of living, and morality. You have been missing the forest by staring at the trees.
      You have an option now. You can go to the State Mental Health building and they will line you up with some Zoloft to help you transform from your previous delusion to the new reality of the Matrix.

      1. Henry!

        My gratitude for the clarity of thought which you have so benevolently bestowed upon this humble and ignorant soul knows no bounds!

        Just wondering….as a contingent backup plan if the Zoloft doesn’t quite nullify my accursed inborn tendency to think and reason…am I going to be eligible for a frontal lobotomy as a plan B prior to being slated for plan C …..gratis euthanasia and cremation?

        Please extend my inexpressible gratitude to the pond slugs responsible for this unspeakably reprehensible state of affairs.

        Most insincerely,

        A good American subject

        1. Brian,
          I take it that that recliner by the pool at the FEMA camp is looking a little better to you now.
          As for the lobotomy, it is covered under Obamacare, which is to say, if you want it, get it quick before we run out of money on Tuesday.

          1. Henry,

            I have doubts about the recliner and the pool…isn’t that level of accommodation reserved for illegal…oooo…sorry….that would be “undocumented” immigrants?

            I forgot…it’s only illegal for natural born US citizens to be undocumented…as in drivers licenses, business licenses, building permits, diligently filed tax returns, property tax compliance….what am I leaving out here?

            Probably got some catching up to do…been a couple weeks since I searched for new regulations on US citizens. I’ve been obsessing about running out of money…it’s a mental condition. I’ll try to get some professional help on that.

            Gee!…and I thought this was OUR country! I’m just so ashamed of myself for being so ignorant…oh well…at least I’m learning the errors in my thinking.

          2. This is what I saw in my dreams. Thanks for finding it.
            Here is the video.

          3. Wow, Mark…can’t wait! Estabos pilenos milanos pablamos! (Have no idea what that means…I’m just trying to get the rhythm down before I start learning the lingo)

          4. What you are neglecting to realize is that Henry always has a plan.
            We will go to California – then by dark of night, using camouflage and stealth, we will cross into Mexico. Then the next day, we will simply walk back into the United States with a group of illegals, and it’s off to Florida and the easy chair by the pool and all the bennies.
            Can you say “¿Qué camino a la oficina de asistencia social?” Work on it until you can say these words fluently and we are home free.

          5. Thanks Henry.

            Why didn’t I think of that? DUH! It’s a no brainer!

            And here I was…worrying about making money and actually supporting myself, paying my taxes and standing up proud like a true American…

            Embarrassing, yes…but I humbly thank you, nevertheless, for this enlightening instruction in present day survival tactics.

    1. Angel,

      What ever do you mean by that? There is no attempt at sarcasm or humor of any kind here..at least not on my part. I’m just trying to “get my mind right” and these distinguished gentlemen are trying to help me learn the errors of my ways.I will probably look into joining Mr. Rogers in Singapore after watching this video. Obviously that’s the “wave of the future”. I’m sure he has many employment opportunities to offer an illegal American immigrant.

    2. Angel,
      I too am confused. I have seen fun and this isn’t it. What you have mistaken for humor is in truth a desperate attempt to save my friend Brian. I am using a combination of tactics I learned through the study of Hindu, Shinto, Egyptian Mysticism, and the Archie Comics series to try and bring Brian back into the new reality……or back to the future, if you will.
      If I could only get him to realize that the recliner by the pool at the FEMA camp is not just another pipe dream, I could conceivably convince myself. And God knows I need convincing.

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