5 thoughts on “Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic

  1. Hey Millard thanks for posting this Jimi Hendrix video, I enjoyed it so. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you have been doing.

    1. Well CatFon, I’m just sittin’ around waiting for his brother to approve of the very modest arraignments my Funeral Director brother and I could do for him but he appears in no hurry. It pisses me off to be quite honest! We informed him that a State program for those on disability qualifies for $2500.00 in funeral expenses which would cover the expenses. No church service or pastor. Diggerdan would have none of that. But a visitation at a local funeral home I have lined up to rent for $100.00 an hour. Yet he was driving into work when he called this morning. What do you do? Everyone needs some closure on this and I tried to explain to him. Just wait is all I can do for now.

      1. What a “Loving” Brother! 🙁 Family can be so ugly, and death brings out the worst. We all knew that you were more of a brother to Digger than the guy that happened to be born to the same parents. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Its hard enough without his BS. Keep us posted. We’re with you.

      2. Oh gosh Millard I am at a loss for words. This doesn’t make any sense and I know that it’s gotta be hard. One thing for sure, I know that Diggerdan would be please with your efforts. While I know that these situations are testy I just hope that soon there will be closure for all involved.

  2. Hey, Millard. excellent choice. This was always one of my top favorites of his.

    Still depressed.

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