Joe Biden’s Weaponized Justice Department Is At It Again

By Wall Street Apes

This man spent 3 years in jail for “making faces” at Anthony Fauci. The Supreme Court threw out Section 1512, used to imprison him. THE SAME DAY new different charges were filed attempting to put him back in prison.. WOW

“The whole point of this is that you were thrown in prison for 3 years for the 1512 and the supreme court just lifted the 1512. So what justice do you get?”

“Yeah. Well Now…”

“They’re gonna try to throw you back in jail because you made faces at Fauci.”

“A nice toxic relationship there. They see, in my view, they see that the relationship with me is ending, and they’re like, no. I want to continue the abuse. So they’re like, alright. I’m starting to lose control, and they’re lashing out. They’re doing their last lash out. And it’s funny that they filed it the day of the supreme court ruling.

The day the supreme court dropped the 15/12, which put you in prison for 3 years, all of a sudden your probation office files more stuff against you.

It is corrupt judge Trevor McFadden and it is the corrupt Department of Justice which is turning against you. You’re supposed to get 3 years of your life back. Will you ever get resolution for the 1512?”

Everyone should listen to this full interview, it’s not that long and it shows you the length this US Government will go to imprison you over questioning them. This is pure insanity.

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