John Adams – American History

John Adam’s opinion of the “official” painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence:

Uploaded on Jun 3, 2008 by mev186

From HBO’s Miniseries “John Adams”

“What do we mean by the Revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution; it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected from 1760 – 1775, in the course of fifteen years, before a drop of blood was shed at Lexington.”- John Adams

3 thoughts on “John Adams – American History

  1. This is the final scene from the miniseries (“John Adams”, there are seven episodes/hours. Well worth watching) I posted it for the very last statement.

    It is NOT Forgotten. We WILL Remember, and make good use of it, Mr. Adams.

  2. Evening Angel, what channel was this broadcast on? This looks to be a very interesting miniseries. Thanks for posting. Have a great night, I was just headed off to bed when I saw this.

    Edit: just saw further on down the front page. You mentioned it was a HBO Series. I’ll have to see if I can view it somehow. I don’t have an HBO subscription. YouTube may have it portions though…

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