John Tator and the Art of the Double Deal

Gubernatorial candidate John Tator is being billed as the Michigan champion for our Bill of Rights by those calling themselves a part of the patriot movement.  I decided to contact Mr. Tator and present a couple of questions to test this assertion.  Here is that exchange of dialogue:  

As there is a 5th column of dual citizen Israeli-Americans holding Israeli passports, and as dual citizen Israeli-Americans are the only dual citizens who can serve in our government, and as AIPAC and the Anti-Defamation League represent an army of unregistered foreign agents running our local, state, and federal governments, how would you put an end to this foreign control in our governments – local, state, and federal?
Henry Shivley

Dear Henry, Return back to the Republic, the US Constitution, and the Michigan Constitution.  Dual citizenship is not allowed by the the Constitution and is on the edge of treason.  I will not be compromised. John

Did you vote for Donald Trump and do you support his agenda?
Please be specific.
Henry Shivley

Dear Henry,  Yes I voted for Trump, and I do support his agenda, John

Thank you for your response and your candor, but with all due respect answer me this.
Donald J Trump lied when he said he was going to remove every illegal.
He now touts the false unemployment numbers that he condemned as lies during his campaign as his truth.
He has been directly responsible for the murder of unarmed Palestinians, men, women, and children in his carrying out of the Israeli agenda.
How can you rightly condemn the apparatus, yet support the result thereof?
Donald Trump has also, through executive fiat, infringed upon the 2nd Article of our Bill of Rights in declaring bump stocks illegal.
That 9th Article of that Bill of Rights says he can have no such power.
And then of course he has affixed his signature to the War Powers Act, which has removed our common law courts and common law jurisdictions.
He has also affixed his signature to the National Defense Authorization Act with sections 1021 and 1022, military arrest of and indefinite detention without the due process of the law for American nationals, in what is a removal of that Bill of Rights.
How can you support the Bill of Rights and support a man who has signed documents removing those rights?
I don’t really expect an answer back on this one, but it may be something you want to think about as you are declaring what you support and what you are against.

Dear Henry, There are many issues that I am against that Trump has supported.  However, I believe he is moving in the right direction.  I also know for a fact that if I get into office, I will be able to move this state back to the Constitution be “nullifying” those laws that are in violation to our rights. Such as bump stocks, NDAA, Patriot Act, and of course and more important the Courts.  We have the power in this Country, meaning this country of Michigan the power to fix much of the concerns you are speaking about.  If you let me give you this allegory, we are like a speed boat on the sea of life where as the federal government is like an aircraft carrier.  We can turn and maneuver much faster and turn must quicker then the aircraft carrier.  We can also lead the nation in the right direction/ So before you condemn the Federal government you must change the State government to lead. If Trump doesn’t follow then we have a problem.  I believe he will because I believe he is inundated by the deep state and all the socialist/communist/fascist that have crawled into these high powered positions since the beginning of this country and we cannot expect him to wipe the slate clean over night.  SO WE NEED TO FOCUS ON MICHIGAN, make it the leading state in the Union, we have our own deep state and swamp here.  Give me your support and you will see a difference happen before your eyes.  John Tatar

It would seem that Mr. Tator, like every other politician in this country, has adopted the carnival barker con man Donald Trump tactics of the double deal.

You put two men side by side with completely opposite beliefs and Mr. Tator, like his mentor Donald J. Trump, completely agrees absolutely with both with equal enthusiasm.

Bottom line, you cannot be against the Israeli control of the United States and the removal of the Bill of Rights and for those who are for the Israelis and who have actively worked to further remove the Bill of Rights.

Welcome to the Art of the Double Deal.

What is John Tator’s true intent here?  Well, like Obamacare and Donald J Trump, you don’t get to find out until you empower him through your consent, and then I’m sure Tator will be Tator, whoever Tator is.

By the way, guess what the Democrat’s new campaign slogan is, and this isn’t a joke.  “Drain the Swamp.”

When you register to vote, you become the consent for every bit of the treachery, from the meter maid to the president.  When you sign any ballot, local or state, you affirm your consent to the treachery.

The only way this thing comes to a head is if enough of us can simply do the obvious and remove the consent, and that is not just not voting, that is filling out the form and having oneself removed from the voting rolls, which should rightfully be called the consent rolls.

So what’s it going to be?  Potato or potatoe?

26 thoughts on “John Tator and the Art of the Double Deal

  1. Matthew 6:24 (KJV)

    No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

  2. Mr. Tater-head talks a good line, doesn’t he? No mention from him about Dearborn where ALL billboards, storefronts and traffic signs are in Arabic now…that like parts of Sweden, this is an area cops don’t go into.
    I particularly enjoyed your grilling about the dual-citizenships. Tatar’s mistake is: “I believe he is inundated by the deep state and all the socialist/communist/fascist that have crawled into these high powered positions since the beginning of this country”. No Tatar, these people were APPOINTED!!!! Look at the Israeli-firsters that Trump has appointed!! Trump’s ancestors weren’t Swedish as he claimed…they were German jews. His kid married one and converted…Trump wore a beanie and visited the wall…his mug is gonna be on some coin for cryin’ out loud!!! Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he simply exchanged alligators with crocodiles. Same swamp, full of jews with teeth.
    Like those from every other state, should Tatar get into office, his first OFFICIAL trip will be to Israel. Nothing changes until the nuke drops and the entire region is a sheet of glass.

    1. Wow! I had no idea Trump and his ancestors were German Jews. That sure does explains a whole lot of things, especially his apparent love for Jewish Israelis. I bet there are a lot of people who like me, are totally ignorant of what Trump really is.

  3. “So what’s it going to be? Potato or potatoe?”
    Either way, you end up with a spud. What’s a spud? Replace sp with a d, then say the word. There you have it.

    Will be listening this morning to Mr. Spud.

  4. What Trump has accomplished in one minute, (all bad of course) this guy could not turn around in four live times!

  5. Potatoe can also be construed as a “Tator”, it also is fair to say anybody nowadays, who uses the term drain the swamp is usually a “TRAITOR”. Yes sir, another day at the circus sitting at the three card monte table.

    The only way you’ll ever hear one of these guys tell the truth is when they’re water boarded, finger nails pulled out or forced to run naked through the halls of Congress yelling for a date with Michelle Obama.

  6. Just wanted to add, it’s a good thing Henry had a conversation with this clown, now Tator and his elk know what the hell they’re dealing with, first hand. Couldn’t have a better representive for American Nationals than Henry. Tator was damn lucky Henry was in a good mood, this could have been a blood bath.

  7. Right again, Henry! Having been duped myself by someone of similar (but more narcissistic) bent with his so-called “freedom and liberty” agenda (Mr. “Republic of Texas,” Rick McLaren) I know exactly where folks like this are going! (Even though McLaren didn’t run for governor, he did want to run for “president”–of the RoT–if you know what I mean, scamming, gun-running and money-laundering all the day long!)

    Let me give everyone here an example of McLaren’s duplicity, dealing with Common Law. On the one hand, when he was finalizing his “Republic of Texas” movement and getting various patriot group/militia supporters, he and his sidekick (for a time, anyway) J.C. VanKirk, claimed that under Common Law (as well as the Reconstruction Act of 1871…you know, the infamous Act of 1871?) Texas has a right to secede, then when Rick dumped VanKirk (or maybe the other way around), McLaren said it was due to VanKirk’s refusal to go along with the “jurisdiction” of the Court of the Hague, whom McLaren was trying to get to adjudicate “for want of jurisdiction” and thus present to the US Feds that “they had no right to keep Texas from seceding”–even though under Common Law, doesn’t Texas/Texans/Texians have a right to secede REGARDLESS of what the Federal gov. says? Thus, McLaren was playing both sides of the Common Law-jurisdiction issue!

    If, that is, I am interpreting Common Law correctly! Until I came to this site, Henry, I really had no idea what Common Law was (other than marriage).

  8. And add another future traitor to the list–Michael Snyder, running for Congress in Idaho. Like Tator he claims to support the Constitution and all that–and, like Tator, will do Israel’s bidding for sure…plus he’s as Christian Zionist as they come!

  9. Geez, Henry, you wasted no time getting right to the point. As Mary would say, BAM!!

    Then Tator says, “There are many issues that I am against that Trump has supported. However, I believe he is moving in the right direction.”

    The right direction?!! While war wages on and innocents suffer and die? The right direction?!! While the illegal immigration/invasions are escalating and our country is being brought to its knees as we feed and house the other and leave our own to struggle in poverty?

    Also, the speed boat might be easier to maneuver, but the aircraft carrier is domination overhead, at a privileged advantage point, threatening. Needs to be shot down. Tator wants us to participate in upholding that system which has failed us for over a century. He wants us to sanction our own enslavement.

    Thanks, Henry, for modeling a powerful Q & A. A good example for any of us in calling out these carnival barkers, a.k.a. traitors.


  10. And they call him Tator salad (traitor salad)

    he’s gonna lie , its in his DNA..anyone who trusts a politician to be honest and truthful , reverent and upstanding is only deceiving himself..Im waaay past trusting anyone , especially someone who will say what ever he can to whom ever asks , and stay without conviction one way or the other

    dual malleable, to which ever way the wind blows .. but never the true direction of this Republic

  11. I believe this guy real name is “John Dick Tatar” this is Marks little joke he’s always calling someone a “dick-Tatar” get it!!!

  12. “So before you condemn the Federal government you must change the State government to lead.”


    Is it just me… or does that sound mildly retarded?

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