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Judicial Reform Activist And Attorney Abducted By Police While Broadcasting

Activist Post – by Janet Phelan

Judicial reform activist and radio personality Andy Ostrowski has been taken into custody against his will and forced into a psychiatric evaluation. His abduction took place yesterday, September 19, at approximately 3 pm in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where Ostrowski resides.

Ostrowski was taken while on Facebook live and the incident was captured on video. The video is available here: v=Ig_YZ1BgiYw&

The video reveals an obviously anxious Ostrowski stating he had just seen a Wilkes-Barre police officer climbing over his fence. He says, “I am staying on Facebook live here til someone pulls me off the air.”

“Andy Ostrowski has done nothing wrong to anyone,” he says on the video.” Andy Ostrowski has done nothing but hit enter on emails and things on Facebook.” At that juncture, Ostrowski suddenly stated that two police officers had just entered his house, wearing gloves and carrying tasers In the background, one can hear the officers ordering him to stand up while he repeatedly asks for to see the warrant. One then hears the off-camera officer saying he has a warrant to take him into custody for a mental health evaluation. The camera then goes dark.

Ostrowski was reached a couple hours later at the General Hospital crisis unit. According to Ostrowski, he was not shown a valid, signed warrant for his detention. He discussed the history of the efforts in Wilkes-Barre to deprive him of his freedom, stating that he was being held as a political prisoner.

In a wide ranging conversation, he talked about his career as a civil rights attorney and how his efforts to impact racial discrimination very likely got him suspended from the practice of law, in 2010. “I was representing minority business contractors,” he stated, “and their bids, which were really good, were being systematically rejected.” The lawsuits he filed put him in direct opposition with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge, who later became Director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Speaking of what he uncovered as a racial agenda, Ostrowski said, “We are looking at world domination by white men.”

Ostrowski previously hosted a radio show on Twigs Cafe, which discussed issues surrounding legal corruption. He recently made what he termed a “Declaration of Independence” from the United States, which he states is occupied by a foreign power. In July of this year, he filed a federal lawsuit naming the “American System of Justice” as a primary defendant.

Ostrowski had teamed up with noted civil rights attorney Don Bailey, whose battle for his law license got national press coverage. Bailey, a former Pennsylvania Congressman, was disbarred by the US Supreme Court in 2014 for making statements that judges were corrupt, among other accusations of legal corruption.  Ostrowski recalls that he was told that “They wanted me out of the way so I couldn’t help Bailey.”

From his hospital confinement today, Ostrowski appeared emotional but lucid. “They don’t have the balls to give me due process or charge me with a crime,” he asserted, “so they are going for mental health imprisonment.”

“I am never backing down on a word I have said,” he stated.

According to Ostrowski, he was detained twice previously this year for an evaluation and was told by the assigned psychiatrist that “Next time, we are putting you into a state institution.”

Ostrowski will be evaluated by the crisis team and can be held for 72 hours. At that time, if he is still considered a “threat to himself or others,” he can be detained for a month. Pennsylvania law guarantees a hearing after the 72 hour hold expires and, should he be further detained, after the 30 days.

Wilkes Barre is located in Luzerne County, the locus of the infamous “Kids for Cash” judicial scandal.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposéEXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad.

Activist Post

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8 Responses to Judicial Reform Activist And Attorney Abducted By Police While Broadcasting

  1. Joe says:

    Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network Project Proposal (Andy Ostrowski)

    Andy Ostrowski, Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network Lawsuit:

    “Andrew J. Ostrowski/Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, naming the “American System of Justice” as a Defendant, along with the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, Facebook,
    Mark Zuckerberg, and others who are alleged to have compromised our access to justice, and the loss of basic rights and protections.”

    “The lawsuit claims that the American System of Justice, as reflected by the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System, lacks constitutional checks and balances by the other two branches of government, and has failed its self-disciplinary feature, making it impossible to achieve justice in certain cases and classes of cases.”

    “It further identifies, and sues, corrupting influences alleged to be behind the culture of secrecy in the courts.”

    • mary in ND says:

      thanks for the links, Joe….good info….Mr. Ostrowski is another patriot attacked trying to expose the fraud. There is NO government there is NO peaceful remedy. Here is an excellent link …..the three gentlemen pictured tried to expose the corporate fraud that so many believe to be our government. Thomas was imprisoned for it and is now out on parole. There are many ‘individuals’ trying to fight this huge battle. I applaud their efforts. The only way to fight this takeover is to keep exposing it but when the thugs show up at your door it is bullet time. I have said for years the battle will be door to door. It seems to be playing out that way.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      The civil rights lawsuit is under the 14th Amendment, admiralty jurisdiction. It is laughable and this law network project will get equal justice, which is no justice because they have no standing in the dictatorship.

  2. Joe says:

    Police use ‘immediate detentions’ to jail people for more than 90 days:

    The police state is creating an entirely new incarceration system, ‘immediate detentions’.

    What are ‘immediate detentions’ you ask?

    Since 2014 Indiana police have been using ‘immediate detentions’ to justify arresting hundreds of people.

    “In fact, this year’s 178 immediate detentions — instances when individuals expressed a desire to injure themselves or others due to their mental state — have already surpassed the 157 instances in 2014.”

    According to Indiana law, police can immediately arrest and detain anyone for 24 hours. (For more information read House Bill 1130.) By anyone, I mean those people a police officer claims are mentally unstable.

    Could the police officer arresting people indefinitely, also be mentally unstable?

    The fact is hundreds of police officers kill themselves each year. The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center have pages devoted to law enforcement suicide prevention. Law enforcement suicides are so prevalent, even the International Association of Chiefs of Police has devoted a page to it. They even provide ‘sample suicide prevention materials’ and ‘sample funeral protocols’ to police departments.

    Fyi, police officers are also asked to ‘voluntarily’ submit to annual mental health checks.

    Law enforcement gets laws changed so they can detain people longer

    “Colorado recently outlawed using jail to detain people in a psychiatric crisis who have not committed a crime. The state delegated just over $9 million — with $6 million coming from marijuana tax revenue — to pay for local crisis centers, training for law enforcement and transportation programs.”

    “The new law was passed after Colorado’s sheriffs lobbied the state to extend the amount of time a person could be detained. In rural counties, sheriffs testified, lack of manpower meant they were forced to hold onto people longer than the 24-hour legal limit. A state task force instead recommended ending the practice entirely.”

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Under Section 1022 of the NDAA, an American national can be detained indefinitely without being charged.
      There is only one answer to all of this, it is called uprising.



  4. galen says:

    This went through me like charcoal ghost in a midnight cemetery. Then the thought: This could be a game-changer. The horror of the invasion may push more folks to stop tolerating tyrannical tactics!! I guess it has to get uglier, has to show the soul of total control before the masses understand the enemy. One can only hope for that understanding, yet that band on the Titanic keeps on playing.



  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “One then hears the off-camera officer saying he has a warrant to take him into custody for a mental health evaluation.”


    “Bailey, a former Pennsylvania Congressman, was disbarred by the US Supreme Court in 2014 for making statements that judges were corrupt, among other accusations of legal corruption.”

    The truth is no defense in THOSE ‘courts’.

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