Just pulled another tooth

Back when Millard was with us, me and Jim Beam pulled a tooth.

This time I have proof. I know it’s gross, but I can’t be having someone thinking I’m bullshitting 🙂

Only two shots of Redemption rye whiskey. Just got done with it.

This is the shit we’re going to have to learn how to do.

Let’s go waste some commie asses!

32 thoughts on “Just pulled another tooth

  1. Oooof that’s brutal dude !

    But like you say , we best get it figured out … it ain’t fer pussies
    Next shot is on me , bud

    1. Actually it hurt less than my knee.
      All the prying, wiggling, and pulling, with dental tools, vice grips, and pliers.
      It ended with two strands from some 550 cord, a screw fixed into a workbench, slip knot on the tooth and the other side on the screw.
      A small prayer “Lord, please don’t let this string break before the nerve”
      Just had to stand up slowly.
      Ignor anticipation and your good to go.
      It’d be good to have a shot or shoot with you, brother.

    1. (Laughing)
      I’m having a vision of a fairy’s body with the infamous filthy lucre face.
      “There’s silver in that amalgam, oy!”

  2. Gee, when it’s all cleaned up and dried, it can be put up for auction!! Ha!! Warrior Tooth!!! Guaranteed to increase your grit.

    Sometimes you just gotta do what ya gotta do. Hal, you got the grit. Quite admirable.


          1. Just think of it Mary, one of us could possibly have some of Hal’s DNA. We could clone him. And wouldn’t that advance our cause. We’d have thousands of him running about fighting tyranny. But will he allow it?



    1. First off.
      Thank you for the kind words, sister.
      I don’t know about warrior. I die just like everyone else. It’s a mindset.
      Of course practice helps.
      You women must be ouchyo mind bidding on a funky rotten stinky mercury laced fang! :0
      I ain’t putting up body parts for auction. That’s what the Filthy Lucre Fairies do.
      I know you two are fking with me, but a wee bit freaky like “WHOA! Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up! 🙂

          1. Maybe it’s just destined to be in The Smithsonian Institue, where in some future age, after all other options for survival have been exhausted, it will be utilized in some Stanley Kubrick kind of way, for the good of mankind.


    1. Can you imagine putting your fingers in someone else’s mouth?
      And have no idea where it’s been, or what’s been in it? How’s this…
      Love ya, sis

    1. LOL
      That’s about what my thoughts where. And by the way, flushing it with ground clove and water, using an oral syringe (minus needle), dropper, or whatever helps numb.

  3. “Doc Hal Apeeno…he’s the spicy one that can root out yer problem and pull it better than silverstein!”

  4. Impressive, Yup I crazy-glued a gash on my left eye brown from a fall on Ice…..Wasn’t going to go Hospital and do Stitches, f’em…

    1. That works.
      Besides, they might slip a micky into the wound channel, or stinky gum hole for Mammon.
      Yeah! Fk them.
      I just saved 65 to 300 bucks.
      Let’s go get more ammo 🙂

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