Just sharing some paperwork

I’m glad they made the word “mandated” in bold. I would’ve completely missed that tidbit of info!

I’m really tired of hearing that word and the lack of substance behind it. 

What if I’m a horrible mother and wanted to let my kids’ teeth rot? Maybe I enjoy having to pay high dental bills because of poor oral hygiene? Maybe I can’t afford fancy toothpaste and mouthwash?

Oh, and I missed the deadline they asked for submission…again.

-Dani Va

10 thoughts on “Just sharing some paperwork

  1. Probably someone high up in the public fool system has a spouse that’s a dentist

    This shit of a school forcing anyone to have any procedure done for further enrollment is crazy

    Someone should dig to the bottom of this

    So tired of everyone thinking they can mandate their will upon others , and what really pisses me off is that people are following this type of Shit mindlessly

    Not enough push back
    I want my private choices for my life and my family’s out of these peoples hands

    Even thinking they can pull this shit should tell you where this country is headed

  2. Again let me state for the umpteenth time why we home schooled our kids: 1. George HW “new world order” Bush “mandated” SSNs for all children entering school (let alone being born in hospitals in 1992, so that’s why we had our daughter at home, plus hubby is a medic); 2. “Vaccines” of all sorts were also “mandated” to enter public school…. We, not the govt., decide for our kids! 3. never heard of medical check ups for school entry…this is ridiculous! And yep, that “nurse” likely has a dentist husband… reminds me of Garland’s son and wife being involved in profiting off CRT, so he “mandates” it! Will creepy Joe “mandate” all Americans buy “artwork” by that “laptop” psycho son of his? Bwahahahahahahahahahah!

  3. And such mandate papers received can readily be crunched or tightly twisted and will easily serve as excellent kindling for a warming fire.


    1. If you crinkle and wrinkle it enough times, it gets soft enough to be used properly without cuttin yer lips.

      *Just a public safety announcement on how a mandate paper can be used to maximum efficacy.

    2. Hell, make your own “official” forms and send them back with their unfilled forms explaining that in order to fill out their forms, they need to fill out your forms first with detailed explanations as to why their forms are needed in the first place.

      And/or, one can always make improvised paper weapons also: 20 Kick-Ass DIY Weapons for Your Survival
      (Although not all of these are “kick-ass”, imo)


  4. Since WHEN in the HELL did schools EVER get authority to even tell, let alone “mandate” a parent to get their child a dental exam? Are you F**KING KIDDING ME???

    In all my school years I have NEVER heard of such a thing. Who the HELL does this nurse think she is?

  5. “I’m really tired of hearing that word and the lack of substance behind it.”

    It’s the new buzz word!

    Just like:

    Common Sense
    Unaccompanied Migrants/Minors

    The Commies just can’t help themselves.

  6. I agree. Who the fck do they think they are!!!!! MANDATE!!! That is one of the terms of war!!! ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS!!!!

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