Justice for Dave Lewis – Dead Indian Road, Jackson County, Oregon

Published on Oct 10, 2015 by kevstir

Please help spread the word about this Jackson County ‘cold case’ so that the Lewis Family (fishhookdavelewis at yahoo dot com) can gain clues as to what happened to Dave, and why!..Thank you very much.


2 thoughts on “Justice for Dave Lewis – Dead Indian Road, Jackson County, Oregon

    1. We used to go up to Hyatt Lake for the July 3rd fireworks display. We would rent a cabin and have a great time with friends. At that time the restaurant was closed down and there were 3 or 4 original small cabins there in the camp ground, it was a very quaint and special place. When they sold out and corporate money moved in it literally ruined the setting as far as I am concerned. What a shame that they wont leave anything alone anymore…gotta have that bottom line!!! It is news to me about this man, his cause and his misfortune, but it doesn’t surprise me at all in todays world. Good luck to his family and God bless you. May justice prevail.

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