2 thoughts on “Kevin Annett: Vatican rumors Pope Francis health/resignation to avoid Satanic murder evidence

  1. Why resign? Can’t he just come out and say that God told him to murder those babies, rape those young boys, shelter the pedophile priests, and shovel more cocaine up his nose?

    I mean after all, he’s the Pope….. and I think that makes him one of the highest ranking Jews in the religion business.

    Maybe he’ll go from the Vatican to making a living as a holocaust survivor.

  2. Glad Annett mentioned the Dutroux Affair and its connection to the Ninth Circle since I’ve wondered about that since the trials started.

    Hundred of Common Law Sheriffs in the US (and many in Texas)? That’s very good news IF they can enforce Common Law. When these Common Law efforts see these psychos in jail, then I will have more faith in this system.

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