3 thoughts on “Kids Tortured & Mistreated In American Schools

  1. Ha Ha… I was a ward of the State of California court as a kid growing up because both my parents died and they put me in one of those padded cells naked (after I started a riot) and I was getting cold. So, I chewed around the door jam till i got loose enough to start pulling a long 2-3 inch wide continuous strip that I just kept pulling off the walls, round and round the room till I had enough for a pillow and a blanket to keep warm with… haha rofl I was a celebrity rock star growing up after that as the only kid in the system who could tear up a padded cell. Not to mention I had heart and could kick ass too. That even made the newspapers hehe ahh, the good old days! What the hell has happened to this country?

    1. Smilardog: those people have absolutely NO sense of humor.

      As to the story, THOSE people should be shot, like the rabid skunks that they are.


      1. Yep… when we clean house there are so many places to clean! Looking forward to the task at hand. There will probably be a generations worth of work to process all the crimes. Just like they have been doing for the Nazi crimes. Even though that is a sham and the real Nazi;s are still at large and still the problem.

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