Knock Out Criminals Hit a Home Run in New Orleans

Canada Free Press – by Jeff Crouere

The knock out game has come to New Orleans with a vengeance in recent weeks. Despite police denials, there have been several recent attacks that have all of the hallmarks of the vicious knock out game. In the past several weeks, in the tourist hotspot of the French Quarter, innocent individuals were targeted by black youngsters. These victims were not robbed, but were severely beaten and sent to the hospital in a coma.  

It is bad enough to be attacked by roaming mobs of street thugs, but it is even worse when they are carrying weapons, like baseball bats. Last Friday, two bicyclists were attacked by baseball wielding black youths on Esplanade Avenue, on the edge of the French Quarter. Again, the victims were not robbed, only brutally beaten. One of the victims had a jaw fracture; the other suffered a skull fracture. They are both lucky to be alive and could have easily been killed. If apprehended, these criminals should be charged with attempted murder.

Again, the undermanned New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) downplayed the incidents and claimed that they were not examples of the type of knock out attacks that have been going on in cities such as Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and St. Louis. The police maintain that since the thugs used baseball bats it was a typical aggravated battery case. In reality, these crimes were an example of the knock out game carried to a more dangerous level.

We do not know whether the attacks were racially motivated because the police have not released the race of the two victims. To make matters worse, some media outlets in New Orleans, such as the Times Picayune newspaper, refuse to publicize the race of the criminals involved in the incidents. This is political correctness taken to a dangerous level. Without accurate information about who is committing these crimes, the public cannot take adequate precautions and cannot provide vital information to police that may be used to apprehend these felons.

The crime situation in New Orleans is going from bad to worse. Every day police officers are leaving the force, disgusted with policies that limit their detail pay and require Orleans Parish residency. They also do not agree with the crime fighting strategies of Police Chief Ronal Serpas or appreciate the type of treatment they receive from Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s office.

Since Mayor Landrieu was re-elected on February 1, another 15 officers have departed the NOPD, giving law abiding citizens in New Orleans more to worry about. Under Mayor Landrieu and Chief Serpas, the police department has suffered tremendously, declining from 1600 officers to approximately 1100 today.

In a city where liberal judges allow hardened criminals access to the streets after brief stays in prison, if at all, the remaining police officers must feel powerless. All too often they see the criminals they arrest right back on the streets of New Orleans the very next day.

In the case of the Esplanade Avenue bicyclist attacks, there is little question that the perpetrators of these horrific crimes will be young offenders who have been in and out of the criminal justice system. With so many youngsters growing up with no discipline and no father at home, they find their role models in all the wrong places, on the crime infested streets of New Orleans.

The police can deny the problem, the statistics can be manipulated, but the average citizen knows full well that the crime problem is out of control in New Orleans.

Hopefully, more New Orleans citizens will become trained in firearms and receive their concealed carry permit. It may soon become the only way they can protect themselves.

10 thoughts on “Knock Out Criminals Hit a Home Run in New Orleans

  1. “We should try to understand the underprivileged black youths because they’re only lashing out violently against a white world that’s been unfair to them.” — typical yuppie/commie scum

    Any blacks who think they’re treated unfairly in America, should take a good hard look at life in Africa. Please do trace your roots back to the homeland, and what you’ll usually discover is that you’re the only one in your family tree that isn’t starving to death.

    I have no doubt that slavery was very harsh on many blacks individually, but as a race, being dragged to this country against their will was the best thing that’s ever happened to them, and any blacks who complain about this country and how they’re treated here should be shipped back to the Ivory coast immediately so they can enjoy the good life on the dark continent.

    And don’t forget to kill off all the white farmers there. That campaign resulted in more mass starvation as the idiots murdered their own food supply. Stupid bastards.

    There’s a harsher price to pay than slavery for not being able to think past next week.

  2. I don’t care if they are black, white, or one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eaters, these hoodlums are going to eventually attack the wrong person and end up dead. Oh well, I like to think of it as an extreme case of “late term abortion”. Maybe when enough of that kind of trash is bleached from the gene pool, common sense and decent morals can take root again.

  3. Good, I am glad the cops are quiting the force as they are nothing more than payed thugs to begin with at least for the most part anyway.
    All the more reason for every one to carry conceal and to not be afraid to use against some punk thinkin` that they can go out and knock some one out just for the fun of it.

    1. Dan, agreed! I don’t leave home without my .357! Plus here in Arizona, one doesn’t have to have any kind of permit for concealed or open carry.
      Regarding the cops; what do we need them for? They kill us at will now, state that they don’t have to “serve and protect” (backed up by the courts), and they treat us like slaves! So what exactly DO they do? Revenue enhancement-and that’s about it!

  4. show me one enslaved person..
    show me one person who has enslaved

    Im so done with this .
    .like the Eagles said..”Get over it”

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