Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish

Jerad-and-Amanda-MillerRaw Story – by Travis Gettys

A man who gunned down two police officers and a woman Sunday in Las Vegas left behind social media postings that show his concerns over Benghazi, chemtrails, gun control laws, and the government’s treatment of rancher Cliven Bundy.

Neighbors identified Jerad and Amanda Miller as the suspects who shot the officers execution-style as they ate lunch at a pizza restaurant, and then shot a woman outside a Walmart in the same plaza.  

The couple’s apartment was searched Monday morning, and authorities in Lafayette, Indiana,confirmed that Las Vegas police had contacted them about the case.

Witnesses said the couple announced the shootings were the start of a revolution and draped the victims’ bodies with American Revolution-era Gadsden flags — bearing the slogan “Don’t tread on me” — that have become symbols of the Tea Party movement.

The couple exchanged gunfire with police as they pursued them into the store, but Amanda Miller apparently shot her husband to death before turning the gun on herself.

Jerad Miller’s last Facebook post, made Saturday, hinted at the couple’s plans.

“The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it,” he posted.

A shirtless, crying Jerad Miller posted a video in July 2013 professing his love for Amanda Miller before he began serving a jail term.

“I’m going to miss your smile and your laugh, and the way you can always bring a smile to my face eventually, no matter how crabby of a mood I’m in because of the New World Order and sh-t,” he said. “I just wish we could wake up our families, I wish we could live in a happy-go-lucky world and not have to worry about none of this. I wish we didn’t have to go through this sh-t, but we do.”

Neighbors said Jerad Miller claimed he had gone to the Bundy ranch but was asked to leave, and he made similar claims on YouTube.

“I was out there but they told me and my wife to leave because I am a felon,” Miller commented April 19. “They don’t seem to understand that they are all felons now for intimidating law enforcement with deadly weapons. So don’t tell you that they need people. We sold everything we had to buy supplies and quit our jobs to be there 24/7. How dare you ask for help and shun us dedicated patriots!”

Amanda Miller set stricter privacy settings than her husband on her own Facebook page, although publicly available photos show the couple dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn and visiting various sites along the Las Vegas Strip.


Another photo shows Amanda Miller holding a pair of books — “Shooter’s Bible” and “Extreme Survival” — she received last Christmas from her grandmother, and she posted a pair of photos of herself firing an AK-47 at a shooting range in December.

Her photos also document the couple’s January move from Indiana to Nevada, where Jerad Miller worked as a street performer. Amanda Miller indicated on Facebook that he had previously rented costumes until his boss was arrested, so the couple made their own costumes and dressed up as the comic book villains to earn tips from tourists.

Jerad Miller outlined his political views, which were largely based on conspiracy theories promoted by Fox News and Alex Jones, in his social media postings, and he posted frequently about firearms and violent revolution.

“We can hope for peace,” he posted June 2. “We must, however, prepare for war. We face an enemy that is not only well funded, but who believe they fight for freedom and justice. Those of us who know the truth and dare speak it, know that the enemy we face are indeed our brothers. Even though they share the same masters as we all do. They fail to recognize the chains that bind them. To stop this oppression, I fear, can only be accomplished with bloodshed.”

He shared a viral image suggesting the U.S. trade five Democratic lawmakers for a U.S. Marine who has been held for two months on weapons charges in Mexico after crossing the border with legally purchased firearms – a suggestion jokingly made last week by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

Jerad Miller also shared a post by David Lory VanDerBeek, the Independent American Partycandidate for Nevada governor, that suggested last month’s fatal shooting spree near the University of California, Santa Barbara, was a “false flag” operation enacted by the government to suppress gun rights.

“I see Obama’s Socialist agenda of anti-2nd Amendment, pro-amnesty, Agenda 21 de-industrialization is in trouble,” VanDerBeek posted. “They need to grease the wheels of fear and politicizing a shooting in CA is not going to do it. People become numbed to the politics of shootings.”

That shooting spree, which left seven people dead and another seven wounded, prompted Jerad Miller to share a viral image that described that gunman as a liberal.

“So yet another liberal left-wing wack job goes on yet another fatal mass shooting spree because he couldn’t get laid and that’s the NRA’s fault???” the caption reads. “Jeez, it’s no wonder liberalism’s regarded as a mental disorder.”

Amanda Miller posted frequently about the Bundy ranch standoff on her Google Plus page, where she also claimed she and her husband had moved to Nevada to support VanDerBeek’s gubernatorial campaign.


Jerad Miller sketched out his interests with the groups and individuals he “liked” on Facebook, including Operation American Spring, Alliance Defending Freedom, the National Rifle Association, The Heritage Foundation, Rand Paul 2016, Three Percenter Nation, and Ron Paul.

Amanda Miller also “liked” Ron Paul, Freedom Works, and Three Percenter Nation, in addition to various paranormal groups, Stop Amnesty, and Drudge Report.

Jerad Miller posted a photo of himself Feb. 8 standing alongside former Sheriff Richard Mack, who promotes the posse comitatus idea that county sheriffs represent the supreme law of the land, during a libertarian sheriff’s debate.

He complained in a July 2013 video that the couple’s “brainwashed” family members would not help them during a dispute with their landlord, but one of those relatives disputed the characterization.

“Amanda was fine before you came around,” said Julie Clites. “Now she sits there doing everything you say because YOU have brainwashed her. Everyone of the grandkids has a future. Amanda married you and immediately lost hers. We won’t help either of you because it is disgusting what you two believe in and stand for.”

Jerad Miller indicated in the video made before his jail term that the couple had bonded over their shared views.

“I know it feels like it’s you and me versus the world – it kind of is – you know, a bunch of zombies out there, a bunch of sheeple, just ignorantly working until their deaths, they don’t even care where their money goes or nothing,” he said. “I’m so glad you’re not like that, baby, I’m so glad that I found you.”

Watch this video posted online by Jerad Miller:

[Image via Facebook]

21 thoughts on “Las Vegas ‘revolution’ shooters ID’d as right-wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish

  1. “A man who gunned down two police officers and a woman Sunday in Las Vegas left behind social media postings that show his concerns over Benghazi, chemtrails, gun control laws, and the government’s treatment of rancher Cliven Bundy.”

    Well, it looks like the elite and the MSM have got all of their bullet points listed and squared away on who and what kind of people to demonize. Convenient.

    Once again, don’t make it so obvious or anything. Don’t try too hard. Don’t wanna hurt yourself or anything.

    By the way, love the Joker and Harley Quinn make-up. Makes it so much more NON-believable.

    1. AND…happened to be at the Bundy ranch…AND…happened to get caught on video there…AND…happened to do a mass shooting later.


  2. So they are dressed up as the Joker and Harley Quinn. I guess that goes along with their Peter Pan character witness on the scene. Maybe they can get Yosemite Sam and Elmer Fudd for an encore.


  3. THey just made all of us suspect for any future crimes. Don’t forget that Holder just announced that he is going to start looking at thought crimes in domestic terrorism.
    I am not joking with this next statement: We all better start watching our backs and be very careful. They are going to move forward and go after the Patriots. They will use the talking points they have put out about these two to go after us. Stay Ready Folks!!!!

    1. I am considering dissolving ALL my internet presence. Its not like I dont know what going down. I dont need more proof. No point in exposing my position with useless chatter on the coms…

      1. I had thought about that a while back, then came to the conclusion that I wasn’t going to let them chase me off. I am now going at it full force. I don’t care if they are monitoring me any more. I am on a very short list any way. I am a returning vet, Christian, Trencher. I have my own site, I own lots of guns, I speak out against their tyranny. Hell, I even paid for my coffee with cash.
        Come and Get me! If they take me, a hundred more are behind me.

      2. Not much good closing the gate after the cattle have left the corral.

        I refuse to be intimidated by these Zionist trash.

  4. “Jerad Miller outlined his political views, which were largely based on conspiracy theories promoted by Fox News and Alex Jones, in his social media postings, and he posted frequently about firearms and violent revolution”

    They are demonizing Fox news, the lame stream media and A.J. If you look at what they say these guys “likes” were on the internet, Drudgereport, Ron Paul, Heritage Foundation, etc. ALL MAINSTREAM!!!

    It has started, any mainstream conservative, or even more awake people will be watched ever more closely, because you know all patriots are conspiracy freaks (pun intended), or so your government wants you to think that.

    This is just so unbelievable the extent these propaganda freaks will go to.

    1. But if you’re CNN, Hitlery running for president or a dedicated Democrat/Communist sympathizer, I guess you’re OK then. Convenient. lol

      1. Amen!! If your gay, transgender like to have sex with little children, they honor you, but if you Love Your Country, Love Your Wife/Husband, are Christian, and oh know hate the communist takeover of our country, you had better watch out, those are some evil people!! 🙂

        They say we are the minority, that is BS, pinterest has a lot of people like us on there. I mean a lot, some are your normal conservatives, but a lot of awake people against the NWO!

    1. Hahaha! I know, really. What happened to Muslim terrorists from 9/11? Al-CIA-da and the like?

      These bastards always gotta find an enemy to keep the war machine going.

      1. I’m sure they’ll eventually get around to claiming that everyone but politicians are terrorists.

        1. I dont except new friends unless they are ‘terrorist'(according to the feds) by 3 or more categories.
          Returning vet, gun owner, tax absconder, anarchist, food grower, alternative energy enthusiast, etc etc etc

  5. The False Flag director needs to find another casting agent. These debauched, immoral stoners don’t fit the description of conservatives.
    Conservatives are too busy working, supporting the 47% + to have time for such insanity.

    Nice try, but no cigar.

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